New feature: Wheel of fortune

Raid Ticket don’t have any bigger use after some time.

My idea is to give this item some life, and make it more useful.
There will be 3 different machines.
@Polaris :slight_smile:

Normal Wheel of fortune
Cost: 100 tickets

  • x1~5 Sapphire credit card
  • x1~3 chips for 1* heroes
  • x1 Full green and blue badges
  • x1 Port/Trial/Mission reset
  • x5~10 Turbo XP drinks

Super wheel of fortune
Cost: 300 tickets
Free open every 24h

  • x3~5 Sapphire credit card
  • x3~10 chips for 1 and 2* heroes
  • x1 Full purple badge
  • 50~100 diamonds
  • x1~3 Port/Trial/Mission reset

Magic wheel of fortune
Cost: 1000 tickets

  • x5~10 Sapphire credit card
  • x10~30 chips for 1 and 2* heroes (include sign-in hero)
  • Full 2 and 3* hero
  • x1~3 Full purple and orange badges
  • 100~500 diamonds
  • x3~5 Port/Trial/Mission reset
  • x1~2 Double normal and elite campaigh drops

Any feedback welcome.


I love this concept!

Love the idea! Hopefully it will be become real!

Any suggestions?
Rewards are good?

Good idea but that’s a large jump from 300 to 1000. I cant picture Perblue giving 3-5 sapphire credits for only 100 tickets considering how stingy they are lol. They’d probably take this idea and flip it to 2 gold credits for 100 tickets
Great concept tho. Many of is have a ton we don’t even need.

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Love it! Alas I must have 20 characters

@Polaris take a look at this please!

The concept is really amazing, I like it, the thing is, most of those rewards are way to good, even tho it’s for 1000 raid tickets, which is quite a lot to be honest. I also would love to see a new method getting added for our raid tickets.
Even tho it isn’t a wheel of fortune, we already got something similiar, which is the video crates with much less rewards but gives what the players needs and drops quite often.
So what could be done in my opinion is, once you open a video crate and the reward inside is something you like, there will be a button next to the reward “use 100 raid tickets” this would increase your desired reward to 10%. ( 1 time use only per crate)
Basicly instead of 1 hero chip you get 2, or 3 purple bits is increased to 4 or 5.

Massive up.
Good or bad idea?

Very useful and interesting. I have WAY more tickets than I know what to do with.

I love the idea of a Wheel of Fortune concept, and it offers us a chance to get some extra goodies. I would like to see that feature one day.

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