A spy in our mist (renewed)



(:star:, mid-line, damage)

“Let’s settle this like gentlemen”


Entrance:he sneaks in

Victory:he straightens his suit and tie as he grins

Defeat:he falls onto his back as be drops his knife

Basic attack:spy pulls out the ambassador and shoots enemies, deals x damage


White:steal your face

Passive:at the start of every round, spy will become invisible for 7 seconds which makes his untargetable until the invisibility wears off

Active:spy uses his disguise kit to steal a opponent’s look that the player chooses until he uses his blue skill.

When he steals the opponent looks, he steals their attacks and skills as well.

Green:sharp fencing

Spy dodges a close ranged attack and fences the opponent who tried to attack him, dealing x damage.


Spy turns invisible for a little bit and after 3 seconds he appears behind the opponent who spy disguised as and backstabs that enemy, takes a huge chunk of damage from the enemy and steals x energy as well.

Purple:master of disguise

When spy is disguised, he will gain a shield for x amount which also increases spy’s attack power when the shield gets damaged or destroyed

Red:the invisible ambassador

Spy’s basic attack now deals more damage when he is invisible


Cloak or croak
Healing when disguised

When disguised, spy now heals overtime for 8 seconds each wave

Spy/Nemo, marlin and gerald
le buckets
Ambassador now shreds armor

Spy’s basic attack now shreds armor

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That spy is not one of us

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