"A Strong Display of Strength" Namaari/Helga Sinclair Friendship Campaign

I figured about going back to friendship campaign stories!! I’m bringing it back strong with a friendship that I sooooooo wanted to happen lol.

Namaari/Helga Sinclair

"A Strong Display of Strength"

  • Namaari and Helga Sinclair are now friends!

-Helga Sinclair: “My my… color me impressed. Despite your clear disadvantage in weaponry, you’re able to keep hold of your army quite well. I could use someone like you in my ranks.”

-Namaari: “You better hold your tongue. I’m more capable than you think, stranger. With or without weapons.”

-Helga Sinclair: "Heh. I have to admire your bravado “princess”. Let’s hope your ego doesn’t exceed your leadership.

-Namaari: "You better believe it. You’re dealing with the might of Fang. I am princess Namaari, and I will fight for my kingdom till my last breath.

-Helga Sinclair: “Is that so? Alright enough pleasantries. I am Lieutenant Sinclair and I am here to take what is mine.”

  • Friendship Campaign: “A Strong Display of Strength” started!

-Namaari: "Hmmm… Strange. I haven’t seen mother around the palace today. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen a soldier around… something malignant is lurking in my palace. I can feel it.

  • Episode 1: Serlot Senses

Namaari and her serlot search every nook and cranny of her palace, not finding a single one of her soldiers in sight. She finally gets to the main hall where she sees a huge hole in the ceiling exposing the daylight. All of a sudden her serlot hisses and its fur stands on end. Namaari unsheaves her dual swords, awaiting an ambush.

-Namaari: What happened here…? {Namaari pets her serlot who is hissing.} “You sense it too huh? Alright then. Get ready for an ambush…”{Namaari unsheaves her swords} “ENOUGH HIDING! SHOW YOURSELF!”

  • Episode 2: Hostages

Helga Sinclair comes out of hiding with a bunch of Namaari’s soldiers including her trusted general Atitãya as well as her mother Chief Virana. In her hands is a dragon gem.

-Namaari: “MOTHER!!”

-Helga Sinclair: “And you call yourself the strongest army in Kumandra. Don’t make me laugh.”

-Namaari: “What are you doing with that Dragon gem?”

-Helga Sinclair: "I don’t owe you an explanation. Let’s just say I’ve grown quite attached to it. And just imagine the fortunes I can make.

-Namaari: “You will leave this palace empty-handed! I will be taking that back to its rightful place.”

-Helga Sinclair: “Unfortunately for you, you’ll have to pry it from my cold dead hands.”

  • Episode 3: Binturri

Helga throws Chief Viranna to the ground as she prepares to fight. Namaari clenches her teeth in rage as she as well gets into a position.

-Namaari: “I don’t know how you got in the palace undetected, but this will be your last stop!”

-Helga Sinclair: “It was quite straightforward actually. I came down the chimney. Ho Ho Ho…”

-Namaari: “Enough games! Come and face the true might of Fang!”

  • Episode 4: Guns N’ Crossbows

In an attempt to throw Helga off, she quickly fire a crossbow in her direction. Helga swiftly evades the attack and pulls out her handgun. She fires a bullet, but Namaari deflects it with her swords.

-Helga Sinclair: "All you Fang soldiers are just the same. You want real firepower? Allow me to demonstrate! {Helga shoots her handgun at Namaari}

-Namaari: {She deflects the bullet.} "So fast… That weapon is impressive, but my arsenal is nothing to be trifled with!!

  • Episode 5: Hand to Hand/Sword Combat

Namaari rushes to Helga with her swords, as she slashes her way through, with Helga avoiding each slash with ease. She counters one of her attacks by pulling out one of her throwing knives and gets into a standstill.

-Helga Sinclair: "You can’t attempt to strike me if you’re not gonna shake up your style! You’re making this too easy.

-Namaari: {Namaari bites her teeth in anger.} "You’re quite the fighter I must admit. My soldiers have trouble keeping up with my sword slashes.

-Helga Sinclair: “Just more reason why your army is lacking!”

  • Episode 6: Rage-filled FIghting

Namaari has just about had enough of Helga talking down her soldiers. Her attacks get more aggressive. Helga is quite impressed with her fast attacks, but ultimately kicks her to ground with a very strong roundhouse kick.

  • Namaari: "You’re making a grave mistake disrespecting my soldiers! YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT!! {Namaari picks up her pace in her sword swings}

  • Helga Sinclair {She blocks every slash and counters with a roundhouse kick} "I must admit. Those last few attacks really gave me a run for my money… You have the makings of a fine soldier. I can respect that. With the right training you can become even greater.

  • Namaari: “You invade my home, you steal our prized possession, you HARM my people, and you have the nerve to call yourself a general? I will NEVER join your side!”

  • Helga Sinclair: "I figured you would say that… that’s why you’re lying on the ground right now. It pains me to have to do this, but your soldiers are gonna dearly miss you. Say goodnight “princess”.

  • Episode 7: The Cavalry has Arrived

Before Helga is about to deal the finishing blow, a whip sword comes out and blows away her throwing knife. Raya and Kida rush in to face off against Helga. Kida’s necklace is in a way connected to the dragon gems.

Raya: “That’s as far as it goes!!”

Namaari: “Đẹ… Đẹp Lạ?”

Helga: “Well would you look at that… a cavalry of princesses. This just gets better and better.”

Kida: “This ends now Helga! Your treacherous ways will be exposed for the lies they hold!”

Helga: “Bold words… But can either of you back it up?”

  • Episode 8: Femme Fatales

Namaari, Raya and Kida gang up together to take care of Helga. They fight Helga with impressive blows. Namaari’s army gets up from the ground and stand their ground against Helga. Knowing a losing battle, she shoots a flare gun into the sky signaling as Rourke retrieves her from the sky in their Evac-Gyro. Raya tries to use her whip sword to attack Helga as they escape but they get away. Virana picks up the dragon gem.

Raya: “She’s getting away!!”

Namaari: "It’s no use Raya… we did all we could. Thank you for aiding me. I would have lost everything if it wasn’t for you guys.

Kida: "There’s no doubt that she will come back to strike again. It’s important to build a bigger stronghold around your palace.

Namaari: "You’re right… {She turns to her soldiers} And from this day forward, I will be training all of you to better your defense formations and senses.

Kida: “I can tell you are gonna be more of a stronger general than she could ever be!”

Namaari: “Indeed… Now about that “chimney” business…”


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