A team that refuses to be defeated

Losing all the time in Arena, Coliseum, War or just plain Campaign?

Well have I got just the heroes for you?

Let’s start with the good boy of the group, Slinky Dog. His red skill gives a shield as strong as over 75% of the health he’s missing every 4 seconds AND he has some of the highest base max health in the game. What a steal.
And speaking of blatant theft, his red skill ALSO steals 45% of the reality of everyone he attacks with his green skill. No more withstanding your attacks for those guys.

“But, Hyper,” I hear you yelling at me, “What if I’m dealing with someone like Dash or Shan Yu? They deal extra damage to shields. Wouldn’t that make Slink completely worthless against them?”
And how right you are my good fellow, and to which I say isn’t that so unfair?
And thus, my retort, the “No U”, the reversal…

This marvelous little bundle of nerves saves the bacon of your heroes by reducing the amount of damage they take from critical attacks, both the normal and super variety, by 10% for each stack of Dread he has.
“And how do I get this Dread?” You may wonder? Well, you see, whenever ANYONE on your team takes more than 25% of their max HP with a single attack, Fear gains not 1, but 2 stacks. That’s 20% less crit damage! What a bargain!

Combine the two, and you have a situation where taking 25% of your max HP is a minor annoyance because you have shields that COMICALLY compensate for it.

Suddenly the threat of a shield buster doesn’t seem quite scary, does it?
And if some twisted nightmare of fate occurs and you find your poor, poor Fear defeated? No worries, because then the effects of the Dread stacks he has when he falls is locked in AND CANNOT BE REMOVED! The Dread stacks become safely hidden away from the evil, grabby hands of Buff removers like Tron, so you don’t have to worry about the rest of your team taking damage.

A glorious pair if I do say so myself. So what are you waiting for? Get them and never lose a match again.

(Disclaimer:No combo is completely unbeatable. Slink+Fear offers no protection from non-crit attacks outside of massive shields. Slink+Fear may not deal the damage needed to win the match on their own. Hypersayia does not accept responsibility for hostility incurred as a result of the use of Slink+Fear)


I like the style of how this little strategy is written. The way you put it does sound like this combo is good, and you acknowledge that this combo has its drawbacks.
I like this mini strategy.


You’re totally right… Fear is too much. If somehow I manage to get a strong hit on his team before he can completely neglect it, he’ll immediately have 30+ stacks and the team won’t take crit damage anymore. As for non crits, they will never do enough damage to do anything. And this is a line with Li Shang, I don’t even wanna imagine how it is like with Slinky

Also, to beat this team:
Pooh + Tron + 3 others.

I also beat it easily with tron,ian,judy,disgust and one more based on what variation of thst slinky feae team they are using.

What about players who now need to wait 3 months to max Tron’s disk out? Fear hasn’t even been around that long. :sob:


My Tron still has a 4* disk. Its doable at 3* even.
But there are other ways.
Rapunzel + a good DPS
Rapunzel + Dash.

and so forth.

Oh no… Tron and Randall totally doesn’t exist… oh wait THEY DO.

Slinky and Fear isn’t hard to beat.

Alone Slinky dies in no time by Dash, Shan and Megavolt.

You had almost a year to do this… :roll_eyes:

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I like the style this piece is written and how detailed your mini guide is. It can be the start of series about interesting existing combos. Don’t mind sarcastic comments, you did pointed out that any combo can be countered and showed strong points of described duo. Like and subscribe from me😁


Maxing tron’s disc some months ago was the best thing I’ve ever did in this game. :sweat_smile:

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