A very rare problem with video rewards

for some strange reason there are times when this problem recurs: since Saturday, March 26, I haven’t been able to get the video rewards. In my particular case, I hit the video button, but it shows the advertising app the second I open it, I hit the X, and I don’t get the reward.
EDIT: If this request doesn’t correspond to the group indicated, I give permission to the administrator(s) to move it to the appropriate place.


Yes I did contact support but they just said its your interent issue, @Polaris Please Look at this
I havent been able to watch vidoed long since

What a quick response!
Maybe it’s my internet, but they are not the only ones. I have another gaming app that also gives rewards for watching videos, and I don’t get them either. could it be a proxy thing? Just in case, I make sure to disable it before opening the game. The other thing is that yesterday I cleared data && cache and reloaded the game again, and it didn’t work either…

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