A Wish my heart makes for upcoming heroes

Since I started to play, we’ve already gotten Esmeralda and Aurora, when it comes to my favorites and Snow White when it comes to other Disney princesses.

Now I mostly wish for Cinderella. She is a classic after all and no Disney game feels complete without her.

And where is Tiana? We have almost everyone else of the princesses.

Also, despite the game being called Disney HERO Battle Mode, we do have villains in the game. And Judge Claude Frollo is probably the most epic of them all. I think he should be included.

The Hunchback of Notre-Dame being my favorite movie, I would enjoy seeing Quasimodo, Phoebus and the gargoyles in the game. The gargoyles could easily be combines as one hero like Huey, Dewey and Louie or they could be bound to a skill for Quasimodo like Djali for Esmeralda.

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Because the main antagonist is the Megavirus.

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I know. It’s still weird to see the villains being on the same side as the heroes and princesses haha.

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Just probably? Haha he definitely is, he’s too creepy not to be.

I really do hope for you that they add her soon. I mean, they even gave princesses a spot in the collection feature! Why shouldn’t all princesses be included?

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Agreed hahaha

Thanks, me too.

Yeah, I wish for you that they’d give one for villains too. Villains are a franchise too, right?


I thought the main villain is the Inventor.

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