A Young Artist


:star: Back-line support
Team: Red

“Why are things stuck in cages? Why do people have to be sick? That’s why I like drawing. I can draw things the way I want them to be.”

This aspiring artist uses her artistic abilities to support her allies.


Entrance: Walks in while drawing.

Victory: Shows the player a drawing of a medal.

Defeat: Drops her sketch pad and looks shocked.


Basic Attack: See passive

White Skill: Drew It So Well

Passive: Instead if having a basic attack, Julia draws either a shoe, a sword, or a shield. The shoe increases all allies movement speed by 25% for 4 seconds. The sword increases all allies attack by 25% for 4 seconds. The shield increases all allies armor by 25% for 4 seconds.

Active: Julia draws a picture of herself, healing Julia and all Allies for X HP.

Green Skill: Too Old For Finger-paints

Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
At the start of each wave, a tray of fingerprints will appear near the front-line. Julia will walk to the front-line and accidentally knocks over the finger-paints. Julia will look shocked and walk backwards to her original position as the paints spill onto the enemy’a frontline. This deals X damage to all enemies and slows their movement speed by 30% for the rest of the wave.

The slow can fail if the enemy is above level X.

Blue Skill: I Wish I Could Help

Once per battle, when an ally reaches 0 HP, Julia draws a cross, reviving them for X HP.

The revive can fail if the ally is above level X

Purple Skill: Artistic Minor

Julia also increases her own stats during Drew It So Well.

This can fail if Julia is above level X.

Red Skill: Do The Right Thing

Whenever Julia heals an ally, the cool down for all of the ally’s moves is reset. Julia heals for allies for 50% more if they have a debuff.

+X Reality
+Z Damage from Too Old For Fingerpaints


Julia and Rapunzel
Campaign: An Artist’s Eye
Disk: Quick Draw- If an ally is at Max HP when Julia uses Drew It So Well, that ally gains shield with X HP plus X per star for 8 seconds.
Description: Julia and Rapunzel gold an art competition.
Allies: Hiro, Colette, Olaf

Julia and Ivan
Campaign: Not All Humans Are Bad
Disk: Monkey Business-The ally revived from I Wish I Could Help becomes invincible for 1.5 seconds per star.
+X Armor
Description: Julia introduces Ivan to her new friends.
Allies: Simba & Nala, Huey, Dewey, & Louie, Megara

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