Abby concept from turning red

Abby fun loving but contains “uncontrollable” chaos inside of her
(Note The turning red concepts Are based on my watching of turning red and the scenes of the characters that stand out most to me)
Role damage
Team red
1 star
Position mid
Entrance: Abby stomps to fight
Victory: Abby does a victory yell and puts her hands up
Defeat: Abby cries and her eyes grow.
Basic attack: Abby yells at frontmost enemy

White skill Adorable eyes
Passive: Abby’s uncontrollable attitudes causes her to be immune to charm, stun, movement speed slow, and attack speed slow, and snare,

Active: active Abby widens her eyes and does a cute gesture charming a selected enemy and granting it + x skill power and + x armor and reality for 10 seconds. If Abby uses this skill again while the enemy is charmed Abby heals herself and tank Allie’s by x hp and grants them +40% skill power and attack speed for 5 seconds. And extends the charm by 2 seconds.

Green skill Powerful complaints: Whenever Abby loses 10% of her health she complains to the enemy that caused her to lose health removing shield and hidden and dealing x fantastic damage to it and stealing + 20% basic damage from it and stunning it for 5 seconds. Abby keeps this attack boost by 75% between waves.

Blue skill Wrong dates

Abby realizes she got the dates mixed up on the calendar and becomes very angry throwing it dealing x normal damage to all enemies stealing up to 5 hardy from each and gaining +80% attack speed for 6 seconds.

Purple skill Hyper energy: Abby has +20% critical chance and has a 50% chance to heal herself by x hp whenever she crits. Abby also inflicts 3 stacks of fatigue to all enemies when using powerful complaints.
The fatigue has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Red skill Karaoke boost.

Abby also steals 40% armor from the enemy she hits with powerful complaints.

Abby also has a chance to steal 12% skill power from each enemy with wrong dates.

Abby has +25% resistance to fatigue and damage decrease.

Abby also deals x true damage to all enemies every time she loses 30% of her max health.

Abby heals by 20% of the damage she deals to enemies and gains + 10% attack speed for the rest of the battle (doesn’t count as a buff) Whenever she would be inflicted with the debuff she is immune to.

Also gains

X skill power
X max hp
X normal crit
X reality
X% more attack speed.

Friendship with Meilin lee

When Abby finds out that 4town is coming to the city she and mei decides to do the panda merchandise thing again.

Friendship disk: Furry charm

Abby gains x skill power and x more max hp whenever she charms an enemy.

Friendship with Agent P

Abby learns that Perry is a secret agent and helps him stop a super creep power potion from being made.

Disc is called platy pliers

Abby gains x more basic damage for 10 seconds and snares the furthest enemy (even if enemy is hidden) When she is healed over her max health.

Feels god to be back

Very overpowered, but good

Overall, very good concept!

Thank you since the prize wall heroes are becoming unbalanced again my only intent of concepts is the current balance.
@Nugget Sorry to interrupt you but may the next prize wall hero be more balanced.

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