About Gogo

You’re probably a newer server then.


Newer servers have a lower cap, that’s all


Yellow heroes and mods yes. But Yellow ranks? No. Not every server has that as you can clearly see from my screenshot. So no you are the one who is incorrect.

It is only a matter of time for the Yellow rank to reach your server. (About 8 months) But just as it is only a matter of time that in that period of time new heroes come out that may be better/counter to Gogo


There’s already tons of toons that counter her

Maybe yes, maybe not, it depends on the team (Also of the skills)

True damage doesn’t have a specific counter at all actually

Shields are probably the best way to survive against true damage

And that’s the moment when NotDash appears :d


Well, they were the ones saying that whether an account could get to yellow ranks or not depended on which server the account was on, while you were saying it depended on the OS the player was using, so…

Anyway, maybe it’s true that Go Go doesn’t really go until she reaches yellow ranks; I’d love to see more feedback from people on servers 21 through 24. But Musketeer’s screenshots are pretty good evidence that she’s really, really strong when she’s in the yellow ranks, at least.

And that’s where SP comes in :eyes:

I have faced Dash multiple times but he’s not strong enough to rip through my shields

Darkwing is a bigger issue though


Ok but I just tested her out against a bunch of R0+ heroes on her own and she literally destroyed all of them in like 5 seconds and barley took any damage. (including against Shego, HL, and Swedish Chef) I don’t see her being weak against red heroes at all? But that’s just me.

Tbf low-ranked red heroes are weak

I did say R0+ lol (so R0, R5, R10 etc)

(Also I’m on server 22, so R12 is the max)

Looks like next week we’ll get her

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