About Gogo

(So this is my first time posting a topic here and idk if this one is the right so I apoligize!)

Anyway, about Gogo, when can we get her chips exactly? I know it’s when the next challenger season starts, but are we gonna have to wait a whole week again? Like if we get our rewards (23 hours left for me), is it still gonna be John Silver’s chips and not Gogo’s? :worried:

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Yeah, we´re gonna have to wait…


Damn, I was excited for nothing then…sighhh

That is the final time people will get John’s chips in challengers.

You will get GoGo next week, no changing that.

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She is in the upcoming contest. :+1:t2:

How do you know that? You can’t see the next contest until tommorow.

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She def won’t be in contest, no challenger hero ever was.
Besides challenger exclusives are meant for players to get chips slowly. Contests would give too much compared to that

Anyway we should be able to test her tomorrow… which is nice


I’ve tested her out and sadly she’s very underwhelming. She’s good against weak characters from orange down but if you put her against any reds it’s like she’s tickling them before getting destroyed! I was expecting her to be like a fast hitting truck that would have so much power that it’ll make even shego blush but…that’s sadly not the case. I have been asking and hoping that they’ll make her easier to obtain because I really like her but after today from testing her…I really hate to say this but she’s just not that good. I hope that she gets refreshed fast because she really deserves it.

She… seemed top tier lol

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Keyword seemed.

Well yeah.
Put her in spars, she obliterated maxed teams.

Put her in a 1v1 and she just dies. Especially against chef. Max Shego laughs at chef but gogo can’t do anything to him. Gogo can’t do anything to tanks and healers even with her white skill. Plus for some reason she just mostly stands there until she’s at half health before trying to do something. She might have a few bugs in her system

Is this game 1v1 or 5v5, huh?

she can take down solo meta lines.

She is broken.


She literally beats Wasabi 1 vs 1 in 3 seconds :grimacing:

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Yellow doesn’t exist for android users yet so this doesn’t count. As a red character she can’t do much of anything. Plus I’ve put her against different kinds of teams and she loses 85% of the time if the person is using Shego, Honey Lemon, or Pooh

I use Android and have Yellow rank available. :woozy_face:


Sounds like your problem, she’s extremely powerful :man_shrugging:

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:woman_facepalming: You are in one of the new servers. The type of phone has nothing to do with it.

and she still wins… your problem.

and Yellow doesn’t do much.


Red is the highest possible so far.

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You’re on server… 23/24.

The cap is different on servers. Old servers has Y4.

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