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Welcome to Community Chatter! This is a place for topics that relate to the social community of the game, such as introductions and farewell messages.


Well i’m glad that we got this subtopic, i’m didn’t glad reason because we got it. I assume more than farewell messages that we got past several days. Well, every bad thing has it’s good part of it right? I’m looking forward to see all the introductions, and as for the farewells, well i hope that at least they are as great as Kinokans. And of course that we have them much less than introductions. I’m pretty new to this community but i can tell that it is special. :slight_smile:


Dis seems like a good idea. :+1:


I like this idea because there have been many topics on leaving and being new which is happening more and more often. It’ll be nice to have it all organized into one post.


Very good idea @Polaris thanks.



@Polaris. Hey I guess I’m a noob. Totally overwhelmed with all this info. So I’m starting here. Hi, I’m Beck’s, but if ya help me out I’ll give those my real name. Cheers

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Good god! This was made 3 years ago! Please don’t revive dead topics!

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