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It says I was spamming but I don’t know what I did wrong


What version of Android does this run on? I had the prior versions that worked well on my phone (galaxy 5, with a kitkat OS 4.4.4) but the latest update doesn’t install and I heard that it was now only for Android lollipop and above? (5.1)

Is this true? As I had just bought a pack in game for three months of 120 diamonds a day two days before I can no longer play it? Will it be available to versions below lollipop?


I did too. I’m looking all over the forum but don’t see the rules.


WHT does spamming even mean and for 3 days


Also I don’t see know rules


Hey I got scilenced for spamming for three days can you explain what that is


Did you ever get an answer?