Abyssmal Guild Gifts: Superpost

10 Pooh chips. $4.99. Pooh Chips are available in the City Watch shop, Diamond crate, AND the Gold crate. Is this a terrible joke?


If everyone in your guild was to buy it, that’s an easy 500 chips for everyone. Not terrible if everyone pitches in. :man_shrugging:

Though I agree, it’s absolute crap for those not in whale guilds.


Besides the point. Its easier to retrieve our own chips via the methods Pooh is currently available. Its not worth throwing 5 dollars a piece at PB for this. Maybe for another hero that isn’t easily attainable. If these are the type of gift options that will be offered, guild gifting will be an epic failure.


I guess the mock-up picture was really just a mock-up. Too good to be true. Valuing 10 Chips of attainable character at the same price as 5.5M gold is quite trash tho.

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No sorry, but @CassandraRae got point, it’s terrible deal.

Waiting stupid week for this. And what… all deals will look like this and only first was kind of good to shut players’ mouths?


Was really looking forward to the next one of these but this couldn’t be a worse deal. To work, these deals need to appeal to everyone in the guild.


Hehe… 5 Rex chips. :frowning:

@Polaris can we get something else tomorrow, this even doesn’t count as a deal.

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If one was a fool, could buy a normal diamond deal. Which if never purchased gives more. 10 Chips or no Chips in this case is basically am I foolish enough to buy 10 Chips?

Yeah, as a standalone deal this is truly terrible value. :thinking:


On the one hand, over 400 Pooh chips for $5 isn’t bad. On the other hand, in most guilds, most people either aren’t leveling Pooh up or already have all the chips they need for now. So, yeah, this strikes me as an ill-considered deal.

For Guild Gifts to be successful, they really need to focus on resources everyone needs: gold, stamina, badge crates (remember those? they were nice while they lasted). I can’t justify spending $5 on a deal that helps maybe a half-dozen people in my guild with the same amount of chips they’d get from raiding medium City Watch.


PB rips off players left and right and shows again and again they have no clue. Like the endless $49 and $99 garbage deals and wasting our time with ripoff no deals in black market and mega market, which are supposed to be good finds when instead just another way to rip us off. Shame on you PB. Treat us right and we will spend money. Keep trying to scam us we’ll spend less and less


Yes… because everyone will buy this :laughing:

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It’s not 400 chips for $5, it’s 10 chips and the big con to get the rest of the guild to then spend $5 so PB can rake in cash. We have 25 or so useful characters and 75 or so useless characters. Meanwhile PB thinks we are stupid enough to spend $100-$200 on each. Ridiculous.


It’s really times like these when I wonder if Perblue ever even puts thought into the deals they put out everyday. Because most days, the deals aren’t worth it anymore. And these weak guild gifts is just another great idea poorly executed.

And sometimes I do wonder if Perblue truly has people who play the game without vip 20 or employee benefits to truly understand what the playerbase actually experiences when they play the game. Because more often than not, Perblue fails to deliver what the playerbase actually needs.


My thoughts on the deal:

It is horrific. I have seen a lot of deals better than this. Last week’s wasn’t as bad, but it wasn’t excellent to say the least. There have been many $5 deals that contain at least 3 times as much as that offered in guild deals. For example there have been deals that gave 60M gold for the same price, to compare to last weak’s deal. And there have been deals for ~1.7K Red team/Tank crates that would guarantee you at least 100 Pooh chips.



If one person buys it, it’s 10 chips for everyone in your guild. If your guild has 40 members, that’s 400 chips; if it has 30, it’s 300 chips; if it’s full, 500 chips. The issue is less about the number of chips offered than the fact that most people who get them won’t use them (and, also, they’re readily available in a shop right now for most or all people anyway).

See above.

But nobody will do that, it’s not worth it, also it’s $200 in total to make it.


OK, to start with: Yes, this is a bad deal, and almost no one will buy it (although I’m sure someone, somewhere, will). I agree with that 100%. What follows is strictly hypothetical.

Continuing with my example guild of 40 members, if somehow they were all millionaires who found a way to make buying deals in DHBM a tax writeoff and all bought the deal, yes, that would be $200 spent and 400 chips apiece. Which would be a grand total of 16,000 chips purchased for that $200. If only one person could get that tax writeoff, though, that would be a total expenditure of $5 for a total of 400 chips. Yes, each person gets only 10 chips, but it still adds up to 400 chips per $5 spent.

Again, this is a bad deal and should be avoided, but the problem is that it’s a deal for something only a small number of players need, instead of something that everyone needs. If it were an individual deal for 400 or 300 or 500 Pooh chips for $5, I think we could agree that for some people, that would at least be worth considering.

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Would be much better if this deal just simply give 1x port and 1x trials reset, it’s “trending” now - needed by anyone, and many people would buy this.
But no… we got 10 Pooh chips.


Yes, that would be a much better deal, as that’s also something everyone needs.

I just don’t want PerBlue seeing everyone complaining about getting 10 Pooh chips for $5, and deciding to “solve” the problem by offering 25 Kida chips for the next deal.

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