Account hacker

Yesterday my account on server 11 was hacked by someone who has been actively using it and even talking to my guild members since then. I’ve sent a ticket to support but no reply so I’m posting here so my guild/server mates who know me in real life too can confirm that that account (“brother Stan” currently in the guild destiny) belongs to me and has been stolen.

Is there anyway we can rectify this?


Whoever the hacker is, says his “Home” in destiny, which could mean an old member of destiny. The whole guild of After Dark on server 11 can confirm that the account has been hacked, and if Deadpool hadnt handed over power of leadership when she did, our whole guild would have been destroyed. Anyone who has spoken to the hacker has screenshot messages and sent them to either deadpool or support. Please get her account back. Its not fair on her

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Everything Deadpool has stated is correct. Really hope this can be resolved ASAP

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Please help her get her account back please.
@Polaris could you help with this issue and what she can do to get her account back please.

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I have spoken to the person who hacked the account and they seem to think they are being funny and just doing it to annoy everyone whoever it is needs to grow up hope you get your account back soon


They keep changing their username. This is the latest

in game name has been changed again, trying to avoid being tracked

@Polaris doesn’t work weekends so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow.


This is deadpool’s account and has been taken over. Joining guilds and spending her diamonds to change names. A great member/ruler of our guild shouldn’t lose everything she’s worked so hard for because of some idiot thinking this is just a joke. Please fix

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How did this happened ?! Did you lend your devic to somebody or how did they get your account details ?!

It was hacked by someone. Shes got the account back now but has lost 8k in diamonds because of the hacker. Whoever the hacker was, knew what they was doing