Active members wanted for Server 21 Guild

Hello all!

I’m looking for active members to join my guild and assist with Guild-based activities, particularly in the Guild Wars (a decent Tactician is also wanted, one who actually plays their role).

I have a very small number of players who regularly contribute to our Guild’s points and games, but we need more active players to join the Guild. It’s quite a sleepy Guild at the moment, I would like some fresh blood to fuel the fire.

We keep having waves of ‘ex-members’ getting greedy and bending the basic rules of the Guild. I’m looking for active, fair players who can follow simple rules.

If you are level 50+ and on Server 21, then I want you to join us!

Search for Fuerza Latina. I look forward to hopefully seeing you there!

Salut j’ai ton annonce sur ma page Facebook dédiée au serveur 21

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