Ad the dragon from Raya and the last dragon

Ad the dragon from Raya and the last dragon

… You mean Sisu?


I am sure its sisu since as the title implies sisu is the only dragon in the movie

Well, technically not true, there’s 4 other named dragons (Sisu’s siblings) and a whole slew of unnamed dragons.

But most likely, Sisu is the only one they could add.

Since Raya only has one Friendship right now instead of two, it’s a reasonable expectation that the second Friendship option was specifically reserved for Sisu at whatever time is determined to be optimal for her release.

Could it be possible Sisu will be January’s prize wall goal?


She could be or she will come in the nearest patch notes since raya came recently

Or sign-in hero, or diamond crate exclusive

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Hopefully not Diamond crate.
I don’t like those.

Especially when it comes to unclocking new heroes, they’re too unreliable.

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Not completely unreliable if you have X10 diamond crates in your inventory.

What I meant is, how many heroes have their tokens in the Diamond crate right now?
I don’t know the exact number, but suspect it is a lot.

So adding one more and hoping to extract that one exclusively, random odds are not in our favor.

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