Add Go-Go chips to Gold or Diamond crates

I really think that they should add Go-go chips to Gold and/or Diamond crate that way it would be easier to unlock Go-go because not all of the players can make it to challenger in arena and Collisieum. If GO-GO chips where available in either of these crates then there would be a little hope for the not so powerful players to unlock Go-go. Also the very powerful players are showing off there Go-go hero to the other players and rubbing it in the other players faces that they do not have Go-go. This make players feel like as if they will never get Go-Go. So please add her chips to Gold or Diamond crates (please don’t add to VIP crates).

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They didn’t do this for Jumba or Silver, so they’re not going to do it for Go Go.


Well I got John Silver from a diamond crate. And I got some Jumba chips from the gold crate. So they are in those two crates.

I only got a few Jumba chips from the gold crate but I got enough chips to unlock him from the market

they may do it… You never know

Also the both are in the diamond crate

Because they’re not exclusive anymore. Before Go Go’s release, Silver was ONLY available in Challengers. And Jumba before him.


This is part of the normal hero releases and each character rotates to different game modes.
You can refer here for the current list of event exclusive heroes and how long they were in the rotation:

All three previous Challenger reward heroes rotated off after a certain time:

Tron started as Challenger rewards, then rotated to City Watch Crates after 20 weeks and then to other modes after 18 weeks where it is available now.
Jumba replaced Tron, after 24 weeks he rotated to City Watch Crates after 21 weeks and then to other crates
John Silver replaced Jumba after 32 weeks and then moved to the Elite Campaign

Gogo replaced John Silver and will be the Challenger rewards for a few more months.

It is just part of the game, certain characters are exclusive to top players / people who pay money.


OK now I understand. We’ll at least I’m close to becoming challenger in arena. I’m plantanium 8 in it…I couldn’t keep my place as 5

I’m patiently waiting for go go to finally be more easily available

That way I can stumble onto her easily from the war crates :wink:

Yeah, she is quite good.
But based on the pattern she will be Challenger reward-exclusive for at least another four months.

Well, it doesn’t hurt to hope that it will happen.

Now I added a poll

The poll doesn’t work

I don’t know how to make polls that good

Making a poll won’t change anything.
One hero has to be event exclusive in the Challenger rewards, it is how the game is set up and how it has worked since the Challenger rewards were introduced.
It will rotate over time, just be patient.

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OK,. I get it

They might do it… eventually

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Well, I assume something needs to be done:

Big Hero 6 finally got their collection and Gogo doesn’t get to play!
She will need a lot more chips to go all the way to 6stars.

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