Add King Candy Polaris because I have great abilities for him


Lets add King Candy. First, His White. “TURBO MODE” he turns into turbo and punches them giving them 45 damage. His green, “GLASSES” he wears glasses, (which are normal) first, he puts his glasses on, and makes them shine, which blinds the enemies. Blue is “CANDY” he throws candy at all of the foes, dealing 120 damage. Final one purple, “GLITCH POWER” anytime he punches the foes, he gains 234 skill power. And his quote “If they see her glitching, the gamers will think the game is broken” and he would be 10 chips. @Polaris, I hope you can add King Candy for 1.8.1. He would be great to see in this game.


And he would also be a sign in hero.


Sorry no offense…but…this is not the best skill set I have seen. And he is discussed alot in the early campaign. Well not him specifically but still this would be obe of the most messy characters to add in game. Idk whatever…


I think that’s wrong @Champion_David yeah, maybe it’s not the best, but they need to put him in there


Can you give me a good reason why plz?


Well because, I found out that he could be a good dmage.


Damage.* what I mean


Eh, if they put every character we have a great concept for…:smiley:


Yeah, that is what I want to hear.


@MSH_Studios, I love what you said, because nvm but king candy would be uncommon.


If they add king candy then I hope one of his skill was him turning into his monster cybug form and deals quite massive damage


I would too…