Add the princess

We need : Mulan, Pocahontas , Tiana , Ariel , Rapunzel , Snow White, Cinderella , Aurora, Belle and Anna.

It makes sense to add Mulan, when we have a badge in the game called “Fa Family Shears” which references Mulan’s Family.

Mulan & Rapunzel especially would really suit the game.

Rapunzel wielding a frying pan would be hilarious!

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Yes, i really hope theyadd mulan!

While I agree with adding the princesses it seems to be in poor taste to ask for an honestly lengthy list of characters when we literally JUST got an update that added 4 brand new characters from 2 movies that previously hadn’t had any characters representing them. Not to mention in the patch notes when it was first posted the mods leaked Miguel from Coco was going to be added at some point.

Ariel is going to be added along with King Triton

(removed Elsa and Jasmine from the list)

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