Add this hero please

Peter Pan! Add Peter Pan and I will definitely play and buy more


Nah I dont think Peter pan shouild be in the game

Peter Pan should come to the game. A dataminer found out that Peter Pan was coming. He could be lying but in the same post he mentioned Rafiki and he was right


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Well, as @Filadae_Djaq mentioned, Peter Pan has been leaked, so he has pretty high chances.


But I think it is a bad idea to add him why not adding more incerables heros more lion king heros

Because you don’t get everything you want


Everyone has his/her own point of view on that question, as many people wish to see different heroes. Like, you don’t think Peter Pan is a good addition, many people would disagree. I don’t think that Snow White is a good addition, many people would disagree. And so on. We can’t say the characters won’t come just because of disliking the fact of them being here.


Ok fine but the truth is…I dont like Peter pan

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Just because you don’t like a character doesn’t mean that they can’t be added to the game

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You dont like Ralph and his in the game

Great! That’s fine! But news flash: in the real world, you won’t always get what you want or be pleased. You might hate Peter Pan but other love him and want him added. I personally don’t like Gabby Gabby but you might want her. But I don’t care if she’s added. Why? Because I know the world doesn’t revolve around me.

I dont like gabby gabby but I post it for other people who like gabby gabby

Great! You know other people like Gabby Gabby and might want her added. So why can’t you understand that Peter Pan should be added because other people like him?

I’m trying to tell you I dont like gabby gabby but my family dose and they play this game

Source please

But seriously, Peter Pan would be awesome! I have some pins of him and drew him once since my sister liked him.

Peter Pan was Confirmed

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What part of “dataminer” do you not understand?

I know what a dataminer is but where is the post