AFK Players on Heist

I hope there’s a ‘report’ icon for players go afk while playing Heist. I know the creator can kick a player, but I just joined some Heists and the creator’s afk. I hope you do something about it.

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This feature exists. If you see the green dots next to player, that means they are playing the game. If there is no green dot, then they are AFK.

Just never join a heist with people you don’t know. Always try to heist with your guild mates or ask in vip chat if someone wants to heist with you. AFK players will always be there.


I haven’t done a heist in a while but I agree that the best way to prevent AFKs is to do heist with people you know.

But even then, someone may go AFK unfortunately.

Playing Heist is boring and consumes a lot time. I just play it because it’s on the quest.

I usually play alone, and making a lobby took a lot of time, that’s why I join with the existing ones.

While some of this is good advice, OP is asking for a report function to punish those that go afk. Not sure how it could be implemented but its something that a lot of people would like to see if possible.

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