Ahhhh... (Rod Concept)

It’s a long time we didn’t see “Keplerians Horror Games” Characters! Well,here’s one from “Ice Scream 1 and 2”!

making blow noises…”
Rod is a Front-line,:star2::star2:,Tank Hero that will be available in the diamond crates on servers 1-18!

Team: Blue
Basic attack: Rod taste an ice cream from his Ice Cream Truck to heals him for Y HP and throws it to the enemies deals X damage to them
Entrance: Rod’s Ice Cream Truck appears and Rod open the back door of the truck and Rod walks into his position along with his truck
Defeat: Rod cracked his head and lost his moustache on accident and fells to the ground
Victory: Rod Laughs out loudly


White: Freeze!
Just like Olaf,Frozone and Elsa,Rod blows cold wind to the enemies and freezing them for seconds

Green: Jumpscare
Rod ran over the enemies with his Ice Cream Truck and deals damage to them and stunning and scaring them for seconds and knocking them back

Blue: I’M ROD! (:sparkles:fantastic damage)
Rod will also Punches the nearest enemy dealing X fantastic damage to them

Purple: Nice Stunts
Rod’s Ice Cream Truck will also decreasing enemies’ for seconds


Coming soon

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Just stop…

Why uou guys hidden it!!! :triumph::triumph::triumph::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Because it is terrible

No it’s not

You did great man keep it up

Go Jason go

Thx ill friend you! Btw what server?

It’s 9 my man

Stone guardian

Im on server 19 make an account in there

Ok! Tysm friend

Made one just got to leave up

Leaves up mon

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