Ahhhh... (Rod Concept)

It’s a long time we didn’t see “Keplerians Horror Games” Characters! Well,here’s one from “Ice Scream 1 and 2”!

making blow noises…”
Rod is a Front-line,:star2::star2:,Tank Hero that will be available in the diamond crates on servers 1-18!

Team: Blue
Basic attack: Rod taste an ice cream from his Ice Cream Truck to heals him for Y HP and throws it to the enemies deals X damage to them
Entrance: Rod’s Ice Cream Truck appears and Rod open the back door of the truck and Rod walks into his position along with his truck
Defeat: Rod cracked his head and lost his moustache on accident and fells to the ground
Victory: Rod Laughs out loudly


White: Freeze!
Just like Olaf,Frozone and Elsa,Rod blows cold wind to the enemies and freezing them for seconds

Green: Jumpscare
Rod ran over the enemies with his Ice Cream Truck and deals damage to them and stunning and scaring them for seconds and knocking them back

Blue: I’M ROD! (:sparkles:fantastic damage)
Rod will also Punches the nearest enemy dealing X fantastic damage to them

Purple: Nice Stunts
Rod’s Ice Cream Truck will also decreasing enemies’ for seconds


Coming soon

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Just stop…

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Why uou guys hidden it!!! :triumph::triumph::triumph::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Because it is terrible

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No it’s not

You did great man keep it up

Go Jason go

Thx ill friend you! Btw what server?

It’s 9 my man

Stone guardian

Im on server 19 make an account in there

Ok! Tysm friend

Made one just got to leave up

Leaves up mon

Ok,im also working on the rest of the ice scream characters:

  • Charlie
  • Lis
  • Mike
  • J.
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