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Air Bud Concept

Stars at the beginning: :star2:
Role: Damage
Position: Mid
Team: Blue

Entrance: Air Bud runs towards his position.
Victory: Air Bud singly bark and wags his tail happily.
Defeat: Air Bud gets really sad and covers his eyes with paws.

Quote: ‘‘Woof!’’

Basic attack: Air Bud tosses a basketball ball at the nearest enemy

White Skill: Big Score :sparkles:
Passive: Air Bud gains a stack of ‘‘Score’’ every time he damages an enemy with his skills. Air Bud deals 10% more damage per stack of Score on him with his skills. Air Bud also has a 5% chance to resists debuffs per stack of Score. Air Bud can gain up to 10 stacks of Score. Stacks of Score can’t be removed by enemies.

Active: Basketball hoop appears above enemy with lowest HP, Air Bud then bounces basketball ball off his nose and scores, the ball falls on the enemy, removing their buffs, dealing X damage to them and stunning them for 1.5 seconds per stack of Score. Air Bud loses his stacks of Score after performing this skill, however, Air Bud keeps the stacks if the target is KO’d and additionally gains 500 energy.

Green Skill: Baseball Hit :fist:
Air Bud hits the baseball ball with a bat, the ball then flies towards an enemy with the highest energy, dealing X to them, stealing their energy, and sapping them for 2 seconds per stack of Score.

Blue Skill: Soccer Match :sparkles:
Air Bud headbutts soccer ball, the ball then deals X damage to the nearest enemy and bounces 2 times between random enemies, dealing X damage to additional enemies, the number of bounces increases by 1 per stack of Score.

Purple Skill: Team Play
Air Bud and allies gains 10% attack speed per stack of Score. 50% of the attack speed buff is kept for the remainder of the wave if Air Bud uses his stacks of Score with ‘‘Big Score’’. This buff is carried from wave to wave.

The attack speed buff is less affective on allies above level X.

Red Skill: All-Star Dog
Air Bud and allies heals X HP whenever Air Bud damages an enemy with his skills. For every 10 stacks of Score applied to Air Bud 3 stacks of Hardy are applied to himself and his allies.

‘‘Soccer Match’’ now additionally slows damaged enemies by 30% and additional 3% per stack of Score, the slow lasts for 10 seconds.

Additional stat boosts:
+X damage to ‘‘Big Score’’


Carl - Dug the Sport Dog

Improved stacks of '‘Score’'

  • +X SP
  • X SP per stack of Score to Air Bud and allies
  • X BD per stack of Score to Air Bud and allies
  • The limit of Score stacks increased by 1 (+1 per star)
  • Air Bud begins each wave with 1 stacks of Score (+1 per star)

Goofy - The Best Team

Shields counter Crits

  • +X HP
  • +X Armor to shielded Air Bud and allies
  • Shielded allies blocks first X damage from crits
  • +10% Shield HP to allies (+10% per star)
  • Air Bud’s and allies’ armor is increased by 20% (+20% per star)
  • Shielded Air Bud and allies receive 15% less damage from crits for the first 10 seconds of each wave (+15% per star)

Battle Badge

Requires to charge: Slow is applied 3 times

Stat Buff: +X SP
Lineup Based Buff: +X SP per Damage ally
Effect Buff: Reality Negation



Just here to say that I love his blue skill, because hahaha soccer ball go bounce. Anyway, great concept!

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Glad to hear this. :dog2:

Long ago, the four doggos lived in harmony. Until the cat nation attacked
Great concept, Musk.


Cats definitely won :smirk_cat:

And thanks.

Changed slightly purple skill, or more of clarify how it works.

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My middle school coach would always put this movie whenever we don’t have PE and I actually loved it I thought it’s a Disney film

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It is. :slightly_smiling_face:

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