Alameda slim

concept for hero

desription.the livestock robber of the west alameda slim yodelling to hypnotize some creeps.
basic attack, Slim uses a gun to shoot at enemies.


Alameda Slim rides on his buffalo on to the field
shooting into the sky then jumping and getting ready.

Alameda Slim yodels and jumps up then lands.

Alameda slim gets furious and hits the Willie brothers in the head then they collapse to the ground.

scrooge mcduck
disk,cheap dealer,buffalo charge now has an stun effect everytime.
Slim was making a deal with scrooge to sell him livestock but scrooge isnt that guilible so he checks Slims trust by fighting some creeps.

illegal business,where,s uncle slim now protects the weakest allies.
Yzma was expirementing when she heard Slim yodeling and decided to create a potion that makes any one yodel like Slim but the potion gets stolen by some creeps.

white skill
normal damage
buffalo charge
Slim takes his buffalo and charges into the closest enemies dealing X damage.

green skill
Alameda Slim starts to yodel and hypnotize the strongest enemy to fight on his team for 7 seconds.

blue skill
where,s uncle Slim?
Slim puts on his disquise which blinds the enemies for 8 seconds.

purple skill
wanna join me?
Slim calls in the Willie Brothers who increase the time of yodelle-hee-haw by 20%.

red skill
cant hear you
Slim is now immune to silence and blind as he yodels any time he gets silence or blind.

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Hopefully Slim arrives in the game in some future

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