Alex Russo

Alex Russo

Stars at the beginning: :star:
Role: Control
Position: Back
Team: Blue

Entrance: Alex walks into her position and pulls out her wand from her pocket.
Victory: Alex smiles and uses her wand to disappear and appear shortly after again with shopping bags.
Defeat: Alex rolls her eyes annoyed.

Quote: “What is with the noise?! Don’t you know my Saturday is my sleep till Sunday day?”

Basic attack: Alex sends a beam of magic towards the nearest enemy with her wand.

White Skill: Few Spells
Alex casts one of three spells chosen for her by the player.

  1. Do-Over Spell: Alex and her allies have all their damage and debuffs received from the last 4 seconds removed and are healed by the equal amount as the damage taken away.

  2. Love Potion: Alex throws a love potion at the enemy with the highest Basic Damage charming them and the nearby enemies for 10 seconds. The Charm from this skill cannot be Cleansed, avoided by Evasion, reduced by Tenacity, or Dodged.

  3. Threemetris Movetris: Alex teleports the two nearest enemies to the back, teleported enemies are stunned for 7 seconds, have their buffs removed, and lose X Armor and X Reality for 11 seconds.

While on auto, Alex will perform each effect in order and cycle back to the first effect.

Green Skill: Cloned Up
Alex creates a clone version of the ally with the highest Skill Power.
This clone stays on the battlefield for 8 seconds.

The Clone version of the hero recasts all skills of the original version with 50% of the effectiveness. Reduced effectiveness includes less damage, healing, and duration of the effects by the percentage.

Alex can create a clone of herself with this skill, but the clone won’t be able to recast ‘‘Cloned Up’’.

The clone has a chance to fail on allies above level X.

Blue Skill: Time Stop
Alex stops the time, all enemies lose their buffs and have their attack and movement speed decreased by 100% for 6 seconds.

While slowed by this skill, enemies take 50% more damage and each hit they receive triggers a small knockback on them.

Enemies immune to slows are instead stunned for the same 6 seconds.

The slow have a chance to fail against enemies above level X

Purple Skill: Magic Schemes :sparkles:
All of Alex’s skills now additionally deal X Fantastic Damage to all enemies and apply a random disable to them for 8 seconds.

When she applies a disable, she heals herself and allies for 15% of their Max HP. When a disable fails to apply due to the enemy’s Hardy Stacks and immunities, Alex and her allies have their Attack and Movement Speed increased by 10%, up to 100%, for the remainder of the wave.

Red Skill: Everything is Not What It Seems!
Alex is ‘‘Untouchable’’ at the start of each wave for 5 seconds. Alex then becomes ‘‘Untouchable’’ for 4 seconds each time after she applies 7 debuffs on enemies.

Alex additionally applies ‘‘Untouchable’’ to her ally with the most active debuffs on them for 3 seconds each time she becomes ‘‘Untouchable’’.
‘‘Untouchable’’ applied by Alex also cleanses herself and her allies.

Alex’s All Damage is increased by 100% for the remainder of the wave after she becomes ‘‘Untouchable’’ for the third time.

Allies with ‘‘Untouchable’’ are immune to debuffs and reflect them back to enemies.

Additional stat boosts:
+X Reality
+X Evasion


Ian Lightfoot - Wizard Lessons

’‘Untouchable’’ Generates Energy

  • +X BD to Alex and allies
  • +X Fantastic Crit to Alex and allies
  • +X Armor and Reality to allies with ‘‘Untouchable’’
  • Allies with ‘‘Untouchable’’ receive 15 Energy per second (+15 energy per star)

Kim Possible - Double Life

Revive and Bonus Normal Damage

  • +X SP to Alex and allies
  • +X Reality Negation to Alex and allies
  • The first effect of ‘‘Few Spells’’ now can revive 1 Ally per wave, if they were knocked out in the last 4 seconds; each individual ally can be revived only once and each use of the skill can revive only one ally per time (+1 revive-able ally per star)
  • ‘‘Magic Schemes’’ now deal 20% bonus Normal Damage (+20% per star)

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