Alice green big city greens concept

“Did you start a war without your grandma.”

Alice green may look old but she is very strong

Stars 1

Trial team red

Frontline damage

Entrance Alice green walks and yells image

Basic attack Alice punches an enemy

White skill saltine peppers Alice green throws 1 - 6 saltine peppers to the enemy up in the front each pepper dealing x true damage to one enemy and dealing x damage per second for 6 seconds

Green skill old weapons at the beginning of the wave the player picks a weapon to apply to Alice either a sword or a trident

Sword Alice green gains x basic damage and 13% reduced attack speed and gains 150 bonus energy when she damages an enemy with her basic attack

Trident Alice green gains 150% attack speed and gains +200 energy with her basic attack when she crits one enemy, she hits 2 enemy’s nearby the enemy she is hitting.

Blue skill wooden leg 5 times per wave when Alice green reaches 0 hp she revives with 75% hp and gains x basic damage for the rest of the battle she keeps 25% of this basic damage when she passes through the waves

Purple skill I’m disowning you Alice green’s double her crit chance when she crits she gains x basic damage and 4% attack speed for the rest of the battle the attack speed increase has a chance to fail against enemies she crits above level x

Red skill angry women

Alice green gains 3% attack speed for the rest of the battle

And I’m dissowning you instead increases the attack speed by 11%

When Alice green uses her white skill she gains 300 energy

The energy has a a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Friendship with John silver

Alice is very mad at John silvers for some of his body being made of newfangled robot parts but they both have an artificial leg so they are similar sort of a little bit

Disk artificial buddies

Alice allies other than Alice gains 2% attack speed per second per wave.

Friendship with anger

Anger is also very mad and grandma tries to be even madder and even start a heatwave all around the city even melting creeps

Disk angry no angrier

While grandma holds her sword her attacks have a 35% chance to crit 70% with the purple skill

Your doing it again. You made a concept an hour ago. Stop churning out concepts. People have asked you and asked you and you continue not to listen.

Take your time and slow down for a second.


Slow down on the concepts, man! It pays off - people comment on them and leave positive feedback (or any kind of feedback).


Just ignore them if they won’t listen.


It is ok I just have endless creativity

And that’s fine. We get that, but that still dosen’t give you the right to make concept after concept all willy nilly. Even creativity takes some time to develop. Rome wasn’t built in a day you know.


I know that first I have to think about a star number then the balancing the main themes the animations and the frienships too but this is the last concept of the day so now you can comment with feedback to my other posts and give me suggestions about the skills of other concepts like please please give feedback to tilly I worked a lot watched every big city green episode about 2 months before the tilly concept do please give me feedback to concepts not about my endless creativity ok

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