Alice Green Hero Concept

Gramma, :star: :star:, Frontline, Damage.
Team Trial: Yellow.
Quote: “You’re gonna have to pay the ultimate price!! Kisses.”
Entrance: She walks in with her cane slowly.
Victory: She waves her cane in the air happily.
Defeat: She throws her cane on the ground.
Basic Attack: She whacks a enemy with a cane, dealing X damage.

White Skill: Gramma’s Leg.
Gramma will take off her leg and throws it, dealing X damage.
But, sometimes it will fail, resulting in her falling down and not being able to move or attack for 3 seconds.

Green Skill: Gramma’s Secret Weaponry.
Gramma will pull out either a baseball bat or a sword, and hitting an enemy with the weapon, dealing X damage.

Blue Skill: The Daily Boost.
Gramma will drink a cup of tea, taking 3 seconds, but will heal a big chunk of health.

Purple Skill: The Repaired Cane
Gramma’s basic attack now does x2 more damage.

Red Skill: The Sturdiness of One.
Gramma’s white attack will now have a 90% of success and a 10% chance of failure.

Friendship 1: Gramma/Mulan
Weapon Woman
Gramma’s Blue Skill is able to do x3 more damage than usual.

Friendship 2: Gramma/Linguini and Remy
Tea fit for a Gramma
Gramma’s tea now heals x2 more than before.

Have a good day and stay safe!


Her name is Alice Green. Her alias is just Gramma.

yeah i know

I am trying to imply that she isn’t called Gramma Green

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