Allow Guild Members to take on Inactive Leader

Guild Members should be allowed to beat inactive leaders to claim a guild. There are lots of inactive guilds where leader has left the game.

This will help reduce inactivity and contest ranking.


Officers and champs can claim leadership.
Below that can not. If you are in a guild with out an active leader, champ or officer then you should change guilds.


I known dear that is what i want this game to change

@Polaris please consider

today is the weekend, they are not here. Thanks :))

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Having members being able to take leadership seems silly. If the guild leader wanted to let someone else take over they should have made someone an officer or champ.

If there are no active officers or champs no one can buy guild perks.

Take anyone that is active and join a different guild.


Its not silly, in a guild everyone contrbutes for making guild stronger.

So everyone in guild should have equal rights to rule in case the ruler, champion or officer go inactive.

They should have rights to build guild again

People would find a way to abuse that system. Or make alts and to take leadership of guilds with inactive leaders.


Its better for a guild to have someone active as leader. How can people take advantage of a inactive person who does not have willingness to play more

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This topic doesn’t really seem to have much support. I really really doubt they will make a change,

Join a different guild. Take the active people with you.

It really depends on how long the leader has been inactive for, but looking at the posts, only officers and champs can take the lead however if there are any active members in the guild, they may suspect that the person who took the lead may backstab the guild via kicking guildies behind their backs without permission.

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