An invasion is incoming!

A new mysterious crowd of creeps are incoming!

To fight back, you can create your own new heroes and test them! At the end of this 1-week invasion, we will award the player who did the most damage and those who made the best heroes!

The rules are: All heroes start at level 1, with the equivalent skills unlocked and at 1 star. When a creep is defeated, everyone gets an upgrade. Dealing the most damage gives you a higher chance of getting a more powerful upgrade! But dealing the creeps alone is hard as the creeps will come back within a period of time to deal even bigger damage than yourselves! The good news is like all invasions, you get a chance to get a hero revive if your hero is KO’ed. The catch is certain buffs are disabled and the stats formula change. Overall, you’ll need cooperation and teamwork to defeat these creeps! Good luck and get creative!


Now to 23 October: Building and creating of new heroes

24 October: Invasion Start
31 October: Invasion Ends

Note: All heroes must have a name. It must go in this format: Name_Hero #. Otherwise, your hero may be copied and given to other players and this hero cannot be used by you.
All heroes made for this invasion must be registered through PM with me for use under your name.

Pro tip:

  • You may wish to add at least 2 heroes to your team because you can change your heroes after defeating the creep!
  • Use your heroes wisely!

This sounds like a rip-off of the Forum Heroes and Disney Heroes vs. Creeps threads.


Hahaha. I promise this is a COMPLETELY different game altogether. U cannot fight with random attacks now. But the thing is you can now control your hero damages. That’s the difference.

Also, that event is permanent. I’m doing a limited time event. If it is successful, I’ll do another one this holidays.

Sadly that thread is dead :pensive:


This is my hero for reference. You cannot copy this hero and anything similar to my hero.

@Prince_Tamatoa_III, Hero 1

Hero: Control


Basic Damage: 1
Max HP: 20
Max Energy: 1000
HP regen: 10
Energy Regen: 100
Armor: 5
Reality: 5
Normal Crit: 35

White Skill: Heavy Impact (Normal Damage)

Passive: Stores 50% of damage taken from enemies, gains energy and dodges all attacks for 5 hours after the start of every wave.

Active: Streches his hands, and releases all damage taken passive to his hands, then yells, scaring enemies before slamming the ground, stunning nearby enemies at melee range and deals 20 damage. If an enemy silences him, he falls to the ground, sending a shockwave instead, dealing damage over 4 minutes, up to 12 max damage. The damage is reduced by 10% per enemy the shockwave passes through.

Green Skill: Kill them with Kindness

He charms the closest enemy for 10 minutes and redirects all damage dealt to the charmed enemy instead. If the enemy cannot be charmed, they are frozen for the same duration.

Blue Skill: Linked Memories

He links an enemy with another, and if one of the enemy dies, the other linked enemy also KOs. Revives are rendered ineffective and after KO, remaining enemies have their attack speed reduced by 50% for 6 hours.

Purple Skill: Test Study (Mix Damage)

He reads Journal #3, studying a random enemy. He then lights it on fire and throws it at enemies near to the studied enemy, dealing 10 normal damage per minute and removing 100 armor for 5 minutes. The debuff is permanent for the rest of the fight. The book magically reappears after an hour, stunning or scaring the enemy while dealing 25 fantastic damage.

Red Skill: Creating Chaos

When he reaches 0 HP for the first time, he is revived for 50% of his max HP. When he reaches 100 HP or lesser for the second time, he is invincible for 5 seconds. In addition to reviving, he increases the duration of all allies’ debuffs by 30%, gives everyone 2 stacks of “hardy”, gives 100 skill power and 1000 HP to all allies. He also increases his revive by half with every use and heals everyone on his team for 70% of his max HP. When he reaches 10000 HP or lesser for the third time, he silences the closest enemy for 4 hours, freezes the backline enemies for 6 hours and stuns the midline enemies for 8 hours. All disables from allies last 100% longer and their attack speed is increased for 10 minutes.

This skill gives the following boosts:

  • 3000 max HP
  • 200 Reality
  • 100 damage per basic attack

Also, the formulas for damage per level increase is:

  • 1 damage for normal skills and basic attack
  • 2 damage for damage over time skills
  • 3 damage for true damage skills

Healing skills: +10 HP per level and +1 Armor/Reality (if any)

Shields: +20 HP per level

Energy Gain:
+200 energy per use of skill
+100 energy per basic attack

Dear Forum users, if you do not have the time to craft your heroes within the next few days, you can opt to give a hero with only a basic attack but equipped with a stronger one. (ie. All normal heroes deal 1 normal damage per basic attack but for heroes with only the basic attack can deal 4 normal damage.)

Alternatively, you can craft them as you continue fighting.

I hope you can help me defeat creeps. Thanks for your help in advance (if any)!

BTW, invasion is out! And change of plans: All heroes now need to be posted on the #forum-events:hero-concepts to be used. It still needs to be yours and it can be Disney characters that have yet to be released. You can now also use your heroes in the game. However, only selected heroes can be used for invasion. Stats are also changed for these heroes and the good news is that these selected heroes are 2 stars!

Please join me!

Message to everyone

Why do you hate me? If you don’t hate me, why are you not participating?

Not everyone has to participate :unamused: :roll_eyes:


Why would that be your takeaway from our lack of participation?

No offense but this idea is basically plagiarism and wasn’t overly well set out. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we see this thread as a bit of a joke, clearly it just wasn’t meant to be.


Hahaha. I’m not copying. I had this idea in mind but I had other things to handle. And these people who started before me just started first

Ah, I always hate it when someone does something I was going to do 3 MONTHS before I did it.

Actually, I was worried that I have to cancel this event because of lack of participation.

That’s exactly what I feel! And that’s plagiarism! According to your definition of the word.

It was sarcasm. How are we to believe that you came up with this idea before they did?

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Please check the definition :unamused:

Fine. You don’t believe me, don’t believe. I hate some people. And it’s definitely not you.

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