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Role: Tank

Position: Front

Star: :star2::star2:

Trial Team: Blue

“This is the ultimate form of advertisment.”

Are creeps getting you down? Tired of being defeated at their hand? Than use the watery powers of the Liquidator and your cares will wash away… literally.

Entrance: A puddle slithers in and form Liquidator’s body

Victory: Forms a thumbs up

Defeat: Desolves back into a puddle

Basic Attack: Throws a watery punch


White Skill: All Washed Up (Normal Damage :fist:): Liquidator forms a tidal wave and washes across the battlefield, causing X damage and knocking back the frontmost enemies

The knockback is more effective with enemies with a level of Y or lower

Green Skill: Boiling Point: Liquidator boils himself to the point where if enemies attack him, they get a DOT debuff getting X damage for 5 seconds.

Blue Skill: A Refreshing Drink: Liquidator gives his ally a splash of water, giving them Z HP

Purple Skill: Hard Water: When he uses Boiling Point, Liquidator gains Z armor.

Red Skill: Flash Flood: All Washed Up increases attack speed by Z for the entire team




Campaign: The Ultimate Advertisment: Hades recruits Liquidator to help promote his shady business.

Disk: The Ultimate Advertisment

Memory: All skills decrease enemy reality

Disk Power: Z reality increase


Campaign: Ocean Down: Moana and Maui fight the Liquidator when he hold the ocean hostage.

Disk: Refreshing Seabreeze

Memory: A Refreshing Drink gives an ally a shield

Disk Power: Z Energy regain

This concept is brought to you by Bud Flood’s Sparkling Crystal Pure Flood Water. Refresh yourself after a long day of fighting creeps.

Feedback is appreciated

What type of damage does this deal?

Missing a variable and how long is the Damage Over Time?

Just to clarify, does this heal them or increase their Max HP?

Missing a variable and three additional stat boosts

I think this can be improved

Disks are missing star boosts

Please do not take this harshly, this is meant to help you improve :slightly_smiling_face:

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I know, and i’m really trying.

Maybe this can help

Doesnt he has to be in red team, given that DW and Megavolt are in red team?

Well, Liquidator is blue. So i figure, why not put on the blue team?

Because heroes from the same background are on the same team

Anger is red and he is on yellow team

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