Anger will he come


anger from inside out he would be a tank and a 3 star .wight he trows a memory. green he gets he gets red han rages at the enemy .blue hepicks up a chair and smacks a enemy .purple he gets red and fire comes out and he runs at the enemy’s. he would be friends with rex and zurg you could find his chips in the war show!!!



Your run-on sentences are killing me! Punctuation, grammar and spelling all matter! It’s too difficult to read your concepts like this…


I’d like to take a shot here. His skillset is based on Epic Mickey’s

Anger, a frontline Tank armed with his anger and short temper. His presence alone makes his enemies nervous.

“Congratulations San Francisco, you’ve ruined pizza! First the Hawaiians and now you.”

Basic Attack: Ranged, throws a memory from his bag

  • White: “Memory Barrage”, he gets a lot of memories in his bag, and throws it like a cannon. Deals Normal Damage

  • Green: “Broccoli Pizza”, eats a broccoli pizza, being disgusted, and heals.

  • Blue: “Throw a Fit”, he releases all the anger built up inside him, burning all enemies. Deals Fantastic Damage.

  • Purple: “Override”, Anger gains Extra Skill Power for every Ally standing.

Appearance: From the Disney Movie, Inside Out.

Entrance: Enters from the left side, sees the Creeps, gets his bag ready and his flame lights up

Victory: His flame burns up brightly as he jumps up and down

Defeat: He gets knocked down, tries to light his flame up, but is unsuccessful.