Anniversary Art Event! 🍰

a great start is:



That’s true lol


No problem! Getting flagged for spam can be pretty scary! Didn’t want that to happen!

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@Polaris, question: So apparently, this link goes to my Disney Heroes persona, and I was planning to add her in the Birthday Card(since I decided on one concept), along with her main team(which I use in-game).

Is it ok to do so?

My entry. FYI it has every single hero that is in the game. All 57 characters


Umm did you draw this? Because the rules say it has to be original art. Also you don’t post to this thread.

This is the thread for submissions.

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I did post it and I used many art styles to make this. You can not find anything like this in the internet

Ok then sounds good

I’ve been looking and unless I’m severely missing her I dont see Elastigirl. I see Violet. Though her missing would be a funny pun on invisibility I dont see her mom.
Edit: I counted 56 characters in picture, and find it funny of the choice of rendition of Kevin Flynn you chose.

It probably should be in the link @TherMasterStitch tried to get @Filadae_Djaq to post in. I don’t think Pines quite understood Stitch was Trying to help him.

Anyway since @Yukito25 mentioned it. I didn’t see Elastigirl either.

It’s still really good, I too had difficulty posting mine in the proper thread & if it had not been for the help of TherMasterStitch I too would have been in the wrong thread.

I’m sure @Polaris will straighten it out when they return.
By the way @Yukito25 welcome to the forums Hopefully you will stick around. Keen eye to detail there!


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Thank you for notifying my mistake. I thought I put her in but I guess not. Anyway the error has been fixed and Elastigirl is found at the top right corner of the image

Happy birthday DHBM! Wishes come true in this game with all Disney’s Heroes and Villains!

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@Polaris will be any news of the anniversary update today or next week? I don’t know if this is a place to ask for a estimate time for see some Patch notes to the “biggest update ever”. But like is more likely that happens today i only ask if this will be true or we will wait to the next week (more close to a post party in june) to have more information.

Thanks anyway even if you aren’t allowed to say anything. (At least nobody will say i didn’t try asking you)

We’re planning to have the anniversary update patch notes ready at the end of next week.


Next week? Huh, strange decision because that will more June that May, but ok. I guess you have really good reasons to do that.

I’m not a artist. I can draw a line.

I always wanna do work for anniversary :confused::neutral_face: Brilliant

I think they were asking, rather if this is your original content that you’ve drawn or if the randok images used was instead of collage used by various other artists.


Original art drawn by me

Art by another artist: Miguel_Rivera


But it still counts as original if you made it and it is UNIQUE and it’s the FIRST of it. This is the first image of the postcard I sent. Anyway it got accepted.

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Can we except an update for the anniversary? I mean…you said 1.9.2 was not the anniversary update.