How do we earn it ?


Looks like one of the Invasion things.


This is on S3. Wonder if that means we’re getting invasion soon


I don’t think you’d get it from invasion, maybe you could get it in offers (like the mission speed up item)


Or possibly contests??


Maybe they’ll be nice and just give it to us?! Lol that’s a stretch for PB.


I got my question answered!


On server 9 it only comes with 30 antivirus. So the this deal normally comes with more is BS…


Does this give you the rewards you would have received if you would have defeated it normally?


Server 14 least amount ?


It’s just like a raid ticket, but for an infected node, so yes, you get all the same drops as if you win the battle with a team of heroes.


Does this mean there is some sort of event that correlates with these?


Will antivirus give you points in a reinfected contest? :thinking: