Any Cars heroes like Mater? Not confirmed

Any heroes coming like lightning mcqueen or mater? I remember seeing a post of them being confirmed, but i am not sure, Any ideas like mater? (Ps, i am not sure if this is confirmed, so do not hesitate to explain new heroes!


(Before anyone else arrives) wrong place to put this post


There is no confirmation of any Cars characters coming to the game. You may have read one of @Wave9Nut’s older update predictions.


Player named pizzaplanet2008 confirmed in another post that mater fin mcmisile and holy shiftwell well be added in disney fandom .com these 3 charthers are confirmed to the game and i think think its their kim possible is upcmoning no confritmation about lighting mcqueen thought there

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Actually he lied. That’s why it was removed from the page on Disney Wiki. That’s also why Polaris hasn’t taken this down. I would love to say that it’s true and that we are getting Finn, Holley, and Mater but that’s not true.

I checked the pages off mater fin and holy but in the video games list none is removed so its must be true unless they planed to be removed so what i said is right in case you are asking i checked this out earlier today

I’m going to presume you mean it’s not removed.

Disney Wiki is a big wiki it contains nearly 50,000 pages. Every wiki has staff that watches out for Vandalisers, Spammers, and Hackers. For those that do not know a Vandaliser is someone who edits a page so that it has false information either because they want attention or because they find it funny. However the difference between A Wiki and Wikipedia is that a wiki covers one subject and generally has 500-100,000 pages and a staff team with different hours to ban the new editors that are bad while Wikipedia covers absolutely everything has more than 1,000,000 and has absolutely no Staff team or anyway to ban the bad editors new and old.

So the a few Disney Wiki staff members were on sabbatical when this guy showed up and edited a few pages. A few of us (Yes myself include) normal editors noticed he had some claims about some future happenings and tried to question him on it. He never responded but one of us eventually figuared out by going to other wikis he had been on he was a little kid who always made outlandish claims about things that were going to happen at some point in the future but he could never present any proof. The various wikis started banning him due to being an under age user so he kept wiki hopping only for the staff to investigate him on other wikis he had been on and then ban him. We just happened to be the only wiki were most of the staff had real world emergencies and were on sabbatical. Don’t know if the staff ever heard about this So he might not be banned but even So he will probably get globaled (IP Address Blocked) for being underaged. So the guy on Disney Wiki who figured out (He was just a normal editor) removed from the place where we had all found it: The Disney Heroes Battle Mode page on the wiki, The upcoming section to precise.

So to answer why it is still on those pages (But it IS false): We didn’t know it was there. None of us thought to check. And somehow none of us have been to those pages since (Well I haven’t i guess they might’ve been to the page and just didn’t notice). No if you excuse me I have 3 pages to edit.


I’m right here yknow
And I did see it on the Fandom

This rather off-topic I gotta ask and I don’t really want to make a pm. But, as an editor for the Disney wiki, can you explain this quote given for Finnick?

As far as I know, Finnick never said this.

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This is most likely where PB got their quote for Finnick in the game.

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Even if its wrong its stil likely cars will be added since they asked close for year to be requested to be added into added to the game in this point and a disc between lighting mcqueen and shank can be done very easily and maybe even with duke caboom as friends since shank have 1 disc left to give but none were realted to racing i could see mater added befrinding mcqueen and holy shiftwell and holy could get disc from fin mcmisile and from kim possibel fin could get disc from both holy and mater

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Maybe… I dunno… They just don’t seem like they would be a great fit into this world.

These 4 charthers i mentioned can fit just beacuse they are cars doess not mean they cant be added thats just stupid thing to say if that is what you are trying to say

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Ok well either they get added or they don’t. I mean they have cars themed badges so they clearly can add cars characters if they want. I’m more interested in how they would fit in the game… I’d love to see them add cars but they would have to fit balance wise. Imagine a realistic cars character they would have to all be fairly defense heavy like all the other machine based characters. Defense slows the game down though and since there is clearly a higher amount of damage based characters I’d guess we will see a few other additions before a car makes the break.

@Wave9Nut could you reply to this?


Yeah, I know it is. I’m wondering why it hasn’t been corrected in the past three years.

Mater holy and fin will fit since they are agents if we seen kim possible i dont see why these wont be added as well and mcqueen is racer if vanlope and shank which are both racers like him it will be very unfair to not add him if he was racing both he would beat both since he is much faster and exprinced and have more techniqs to beat both i could even see mcqueen befriending shank by a race if i mentioned racing

So I actually don’t know how that got there. Or who put it there. Or how long it’s been there. But the Dusney Wiki is a big place and I don’t often frequent the Zootopia articles mostly because nothing new has really been produced for the franchise (Except a few comics).

Huh. Sorry I’m just as baffled as you are.

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Has been removed as of this update. :slightly_frowning_face: