Any questions about the Skills of the heroes

Hey all

I have two questions about the fights in the arena and Colloseum

If i have 2 heroes in the same line and both have a shield skill perhaps Mulan and Baymax. What happend? Does the shields stack or work only one of them?

Second one about Maui and his Psych Up. It means it increases the energy gain of taking dmg. Did this also work with a shield? Or only if no shield is active on the group?

Yes, and Yes :smiley:

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So this mean if i have a shield of Baymax for 5k and Mulan have her shield for 5k she got a shield for 10k?

She will have two shields of 5k. You will see 2 shields above the hero to point out how many shields a hero has.

With many shield-hero’s (baymax, moana(mi), etc.), it can stack up quite a bit


И что,хочешь сказать это будет боевая команда?

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