Any Survivors of DS Assassins? (S1)

Hey, everyone.

I’m Traid, and I used to play Disney Heroes: Battle Mode back in Beta and for about a year after release. I just recently returned to the game, and I’m looking for a new Guild to call home.

However, I was previously in DS Assassins in Server 1 when that was still around. Since then, it has disbanded, unfortunately. I am wondering if there is anyone from Server 1 who used to be in that guild. It’d be great to join a guild that has a player or players who I used to know!

If there are none left, I am open to family-like, relaxed, but active and social Guilds on Server 1

Here is my current team: Disney Heroes: Battle Mode (My Team) - YouTube

I am S1 and Wolf Pac it is a very caring guild!

Sadly, no.

But I am also in S1.

Oh, I remember DS Assassins. But I never knew it disbanded.

You may not recognize me, since I didn’t talk much in the chat

I am bumping this to search for a guild again. I am looking for a socially active guild, preferably in the top 100 or 200 rankings of Server 1.

Thanks to any offers!

Bumping this. My power has grown to 1.52 million.

You’re gonna have to work a little more than that… :eyes:

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I think there would be 4-6 guilds in top 100 that will take 1.52M power, I guess.

Why dont you make a rebirth one? I’m on server 1 so we can start a reborn DS assassins if you like.
I dont have a guild so I would join.

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