Any team for heist

I recently had difficulty having a group for a heist, why im sending a message in global chat “someone with purple+3 heroes or higher for medium heist” and i no get players as the game no have more active players because only players with low might join, only the players joins to my heist when my heist starts but sometimes nobody joins after start my heist and lost some items why i cant delete the heist for recreate the squad, for that i need some players for create a squad from the forums, why my server no help sometimes,

well, some players with purple+4 (now why i am purple+4 level 83) or higher for medium/hard heists? i am of mexico, my times for play heists is 18:00, 21:00 and 00:00-4:00 times, ( :v)/

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Ask your friends and guildmates
Start it when you have a full heist

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I don’t get much help from my guild, for that i say i no get help of my server xd, all the players on my server are new players or are new players who left the game months ago and come back more mainly ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Characters with AoE white skills are very useful for heist (Like Colette, Jessie, Minnie.) Supports are probably the heroes you don’t want to use in heist (Like Joy, Rafiki, Miguel.) Of course there are some exceptions (Linguini and Remy with their blue skill.)
Power creep made Creeps very weak so defeating them with newer heroes wouldn’t ve a problem.

It’s actually for this very reason that I decided to work on a “spare” account created when I joined the game on two different devices; now, if I can’t get a real heist going, I can just start an easy one with my main account and my spare, guard all 10 diamonds, and boot anyone whose stupidity risks the heist.

This is very true, but even more important, if you’re planning on a public heist, is to make sure all of your heroes deal at least some fantastic damage. More often than not, someone will start a thief fight immediately instead of waiting for backup, and if there’s no one in the fight who can deal fantastic damage, all it takes is one brute to make that fight a sure loss.

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Another suggestion I could give is not using too frail characters. Or better, don’t use them to guard diamonds, as they might not survive enough for allies to arrive.

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