Anyone else stuck on Street B6 (Ch.35)?

No matter how much I level up my heroes, upgrade their badges or skills, and switch them out with other heroes, I can’t seem to get past this one level. It’s especially frustrating because I can’t upgrade my heroes any further without beating this one level (I need to make the Big Snowflake badge and the levels needed to get both bits for it come after Street B6).

I just plow through the campaign with Chef, Hades, Timon, Pleakley, and Barbossa.


What corrupted heroes are you facing in that stage, and who specifically is giving you trouble?


It’s the last stage. I’m facing Timon & Pumbaa, Cheshire Cat, Shank, Angel, Ian Lightfoot and Slinky. Cheshire always KOs my healer with his head toss, and Ian, Pumbaa and Slinky heal everyone way too fast and makes them invincible so it’s tough to make a hit stick.

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What heroes do you have leveled up? Tron with Kevin Flynn disk gets rid of invincibility and reflect. If you haven’t worked on Tron now is the time. I would also suggest Ian Lightfoot, Slinky, Timon & Pumbaa, and a damage dealer who doesn’t do big bursts of damage.

This really is a difficult stage, you’ll get through it with time. I really struggled with it but I hope you can succeed.


Thanks. My heroes are Peter Pan, Gaston, Calhoun, Joy, and I’ve tried switching around Goofy, Anger and Gonzo. I’m also trying to level up and boost Swedish Chef.

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You might wanna try Mulan, maybe. Or something that deals heavy damage. Maybe like Pooh cause his skills can kill after many stacks of hunny

The only time you should ever use Mulan against a team with Ian is if you’re able to clear his reflect before her first rocket hits, probably with Tron (not sure if Jessie would be fast enough, and mine’s not strong enough to test that theory).


Oh right. I forgot

Idk i just used ron, zeus, kermit, jim and angel there… So when ron quickly activates his white skill, you can quickly spread it to the whole team using kermit. That will be a solid barrier against ian and cheshire… When it comes to slinky, zeus’ stuns are enough to delay his shield and kill him

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