Anyone here have Disney+?

Thank you, Kira, for telling people here there is no reason to be hostile and unfriendly to me even if I post regularly. I received the same treatment on the Discord server and left because they threatened me with being blocked if I didn’t stop posting.

Um you applied to me

Ah, didn’t see your comment before now as I didn’t get the rely notification.

No problem and yeah happy to help you Fellow_Hector_XLIII :-).
There are a lot of different ways someone could tell some one to post a bit less often, but being rude about it shouldn’t be they way one pick to approach someone who is just trying to start a friendly conversation.

And yeah, too bad in terms of the Discord incident, but hope you can find an another Discord server that better greets you and such :-).

Yes, I did find another one. I’m glad to know that there are people here who do want more characters from the Disney Afternoon era added. Like the Gummi Bears, the rest of Goliath’s clan, Bonkers and the Mighty Ducks. That’s not to say that I don’t want more movie characters added. Characters from The Aristocats, The Rescuers, and more characters from The Great Mouse Detective as well can make it in too. Like Professor Ratigan has a chance of making it in. I can see him having a friendship with Randall.

Yes. I do have Disney+. I was hoping for robots(blue sky) to come.

Ice age dawn of the dinosaurs came out this month

Wait, I’m stupid. Nevermind :sweat_smile:

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