App Issues

I haven’t been able to open the app for 2 days now. Am I the only one with this problem? What should I do?

What kind of device? Apple / android / amazon?
Any system updates? There was a small app update the other day, try going to the App Store to see if there is an update.

If all else fails consider deleting the app and reinstalling it

I’m on Apple. I did have the update recently and it worked fine until yesterday. I was contemplating on deleting the app but I’m worried on the data. I’m not really sure if they’re saved.

Are you seeing an error message or getting stuck at the loading screen?

It says unable to connect then it redirects me here to forums

If your game is linked to the Game Center it will pull your account information automatically. Like does it drop a banner saying hello (Game Center name) when you log in?

It is also good to go in to to the account settings and back it up to a Facebook account too

If I were you I would just reset your device or delete the app and download it again

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