April 2021 Tier List! Y0 Max Level 235 | Bendy

Hey guys! Bendy here! I just completed our latest tier list for April 2021! Thank you to everyone that helped out putting this together! Click on the image to view the full sized picture and read everything more clearly.

We made a lot of changes since the first tier list, most importantly, we moved a lot of heroes around, mostly those that were controversial placements from last month! We also added a Codebase symbol to indicate heroes that are good in the Codebase game mode for those that have it unlocked. Hopefully these are some welcomed changes and I look forward to continuing these lists as the months go on! Feel free to save the image, share it, or do whatever you want to do with it, these tier lists are for everyone!

EDIT: Damn I just noticed I forgot to add an R to Louie, meant to do that. Minor mistake, not a huge deal, Louie can work in every invasion color though.

If you don’t know who I am, Hi, I’m Bendy! I’m a YouTuber that primarily creates a wide variety of Disney Heroes content, from tips and guides to arena, coliseum, and war fighting! Come join the fun! Thank you so much if you watch even a few minutes of my content, it truly means a lot!

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHGPXPUXGQSGcpFh00k7PSA
Printer friendly version of tier list: https://bit.ly/2QMXl0S


I like how my whole team is in S lol (Angel, Ian, Cheshire, Wasabi, and Jim)


This tier list looks really good, not to mention its also very well organized!


Thank you! :blush: I tried really hard to make everything as clean and clear as I possibly could! @TheCannonCart


Thanks @Bendy.YT good to find an updated tier lists especially after loss of emitz

Anything in particular? My tier lists are a team effort that are worked on via stream and I’m open to any change that people can agree on @FlukesFault


Hi. I dont know if this question has been asked or not. But do you think Demona will be good in blue invasion? Her blue skill has some potential, I think but havent got the chance or resources to try her out

Could you please help me out with this? Thank you

Nice list, but I am not convinced with the blue invasion team. Everyone seems to be using that with limited results, but I need Granny Archimedes’ line from s22. Whatever they’re using is a beast.

Try using Kermit+Pumba+Mr.I together and time Kermit’s white skill so that it can duplicate Pumba’s green skill

I’ll try this next time. I have just been thinking lately that maybe Mr. incredible isn’t the answer to blue invasion.

This player is alone in their guild so they do have the perk of having two bots all to themselves, but I cannot imagine that they’re getting that score playing with a manual team. They also don’t have an exorbitant amount of power (around 8 million). I am perplexed (and a bit obsessed with finding the answer) :sweat_smile:

Mr.I’s job is to reduce boss’s armor with his disc. Without it, we can hardly deal any damage. Or we need a brand new team deal all fantastic damage

Nice work @Bendy.YT Your tier list is well done and very clear! I especially appreciate the fact that you put the ranking changes from the previous one on the side :slight_smile:

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not sure who is giving the advice in this list how dash isn’t s tier is strange hamm is for me not s tier

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This is getting into “friend of a friend” territory here, but someone on a Discord server I’m also on confirmed that a player who reached 5.5B points in blue invasion just used the Bo Peep/Pleakley lineup: Bo(Wo), Mr. I(El), Kristoff(Fl), Animal(Go), Pleakley(Ju). You have to use a slow boost for every fight, revive Bo after every fight, and you’ve either got to play manually or just lose the fight if Mr. Incredible starts the fight with a full energy meter, so it’s really fiddly, but it’s apparently a true one-shot blue invasion team.

I can’t imagine the amount of time it takes to reach billions of points having to do all that upkeep for your team, though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Blue Invasion in general is just brutal and annoying, no one has found a good Blue Invasion team that I know of, or they’re really good at keeping it secret if they have.

I’m in the top guild in S1 and that’s literally what they use because no one can find anything better, so they just suffer with the constant reviving just like the rest of us

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