Are there any Friendship Campaigns you DON'T like?

We’ve had threads asking which campaigns you like, but I’m really curious if there’s any campaigns that people DON’T like, story-wise? And if so, why?

I personally am not the biggest fan of the Elastigirl/Vanellope campaign. It had a good premise to it, but at a certain point into it, the dialogue between chapters felt a bit samey.

Vanellope: I don’t need adult supervision!

Elastigirl: Yes, you do!


Even though I haven’t started the Angel and Miguel friendship campaign yet, they have no introduction dialogue. And when you’re ready to start the campaign, it’s just Angel singing and that’s pretty much it.

Not sure if they talk more the further you go in the friend campaign though.


I haven’t really played through that campaign, either, but that also bugged me when I first saw it.


I’m not a fan of either of Cheshire Cat’s campaigns. I guess the point is for them to be weird, but they have barely any dialogue between chapters, and H&D’s feels like something that could’ve happened in just one chapter and not a whole campaign.


Looking at it again, I found the start of the Buzz/Kevin Flynn friendship a bit… strange. Flynn mentions a deeper connection between him and Buzz beyond just being a good team and then… the dialogue ends? That’s it? No response from Buzz? No explanation on what that connection is?

I find the beginning of the Randall- Gaston one good

The one with Felix-Calhoun is the following

Felix- “the events of our movie were cool”
Cal- “yes they were, isn’t the city just wonderful?”
Felix- “Yup, wOw, there is a creep there, let’s get it!”

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:joy: I love it, because I hate it!

Who are you talking to?

Newt, sorry that I didn’t make it clear

What do you love? Felix-Cal, or Randall-Gaston?


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