Are there lists of heroes skills/stats?

Do we have a comprehensive list of heroes and their skills effects and damage as well as stats?
Due to the seemingly unbalanced stats on some heroes compared to others and considering resources are tight, would like to focus on the more “op” heroes first.

Why does some heroes only deal like 3k skill dmg while others can deal 20k anyways? With same hero level, skill level, and star.

I don’t know if there is a list. I guess the difficulty would be that the stats would change depending on various factors such as level, rank, mods etc.

If you want to work on “op” characters then as a basic rule just go with the most recently released character on your server. PerBlue has got a terrible habit of constantly releasing stupidly powerful characters in an attempt to encourage people to spend money. Then the next one they release will be even more powerful.

Wakkatu has a full list of heroes and stats so you can use that. Just keep in mind that datamined characters are published there so if you don’t want spoilers don’t use the site.

it could be because of there skill power mod

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