Are These Designs Official?

So I’ve been seeing these images floating around the internet. As you can see, there’s a picture of all the heroes who have a costume in-game…but it also shows Vanellope in her princess outfit from the first movie, something we’ve yet to see. There’s also a picture showing Kida, Powerline, and Kristoff & Sven in different poses. Kristoff & Sven’s looking recognizable, as this was part of a cropped image we got showing him as the 100th hero in the game.

So does this mean this is official, or are these really good fan creations? If it’s real…could we potentially expect the Vanellope costume to be added to the game at some point, @TheGrillFather?


Yes these are official

no cap, I saw these a long time ago (about 2 years ago in reddit).

About Vanellope’s Evening Dress, idk, probably Disney didn’t approve it

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Uh…what? What does any of that have to do with this?

Why are you bringing politics into a discussion about whether this heroes’ costume was made by PerBlue or not, and if we could ever hope for it to come into the game? Take that elsewhere.


The darndest things happen on this forum. Start the thread with potential proof of an unreleased costume.
3 replies down is a rant about Disney being woke.
You can’t make this stuff up.


Yep, sucks that this is what I get in response lol.

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It is great if we can have the princess gown for Vannellope. It looks gorgeous

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Yeah, I think so too, looks cute on Vannie! :slight_smile:
Also, ignore what poison said above, just a bunch of “political garbage”. Maybe report it, mayhaps?

These are official! However, we’re investigating why the Vanellope one never made it (it’s been so many years). I personally would love it in game, too!


Pls make it in game this time if you can. Pretty please


Let’s hope she makes it next year in fact there’s a lot of characters that I would like to see have a costume like Mr. Incredible in that blue super suit and even all the Princess that were in Ralph breaks the Internet in casual cloths, and maybe Kim in the purple spy outfit in season 4 of Kim Possible, there’s a lot I want to see but we’ll see what y’all can pull

Oh, it wasn’t scrapped by your team’s own decision? That’s weird, I hope you guys figure out what happened and add this costume for her when you start adding new costumes to the game.

Also…this may be asking for much, but…will we ever get to see the Frozen 1 outfit for Elsa to return, or is that unlikely to happen now?

Agreed, and it would make sense to add since her quote is based on when she gains this outfit. Also, I’ve already flagged those comments.

I miss that outfit man I hope it comes back

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I’ve flagged one of them, too!

Vanelope’s outfit didn’t make it but the good news is I finally got all the costumes for now I can’t wait for more

I will say for a moment I trough this was part of the art designer of this game portfolio. What thia means? It’s to show to other people “if you contract me, I can do this kind of stuff, here are some references from my past jobs”.

But if they come from somewhere else this could be for a interview about the game, advertising or another kind of article about videogames.

If nothing of this is… This is a leak from inside the office or a very good fan art.

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This isn’t actually fanart…

@TheGrillFather any news about Vanellope costume? Will it be added to game?

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