Arena 3 rules not working video proof

No, the silence is applied to Rapunzel before the hardy :confused:

We’re looking into what’s happening here.

Show your math, please :roll_eyes:

So it’s 0 then … no energy gain at all

Then nothing wrong with rule 2

Thx for correcting me

@Polaris Kevin Flynn is being Silenced in the start of the battles with the 3 rule, but with the purple skill he shouldn’t be affected by disables, is that supposed to happen?

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It shouldn’t be :thinking:

There’s a couple different things causing this rules not to work correctly, and we won’t be able to do a quick fix. We’re going to switch out the rule as soon as we can.

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It couldn’t have been changed for something more balanced?!

It feels like literally EVERY decision in the game at the moment, be it rules, new heroes, changes, everything is geared towards enabling Cheshire Cat.



Are you going to reset our scores?
I wish you don’t :sob::sob::sob::sob:
Was really there a problem?

Don’t forget resset the scores…
And all diamonds that were used in the arena today have to be refunded!

Hahaha i know you’d write that… don’t forget to take it to vip chat :+1::clap:

Please pb don’t refund diamonds if you reset the scores

We’re not going to reset scores. We’re doing the increased chances to allow players to increase their scores against opponents they’ve already attacked under the old rule.

Man you are the awesomeness :grinning::hugs::hugs:

You interest me 0. It’s about fair competition. Everyone knows that you only think about yourself. That’s why hardly anyone likes you.

It is also not possible that such an important rule is changed just like that. Everyone who can choose his opponent now is clearly at an advantage.
If the developer has to admit to himself that this is a bit buggy. Must be a completely resset here.
Best of all comes to the resset still another lock to the next day so that everyone can now once again adapt his defense to the new rule.

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to-to-today? or tomorrow after the double drop event ends?

Which is complete nonsense. Because with the old rule it was possible to score more points than now.
You can really see that you developers have hardly any idea of the possibilities

What’s wrong if someone thinking of own self?
Especially if ppl like you thinks helping everyone is called “thinking of own self”
Is arena a group of players in one score?
Maybe you need to ask your leader how to earn scores in there … who is thinking own self here?
Last time they reset scores and they didn’t refund used diamonds

So it’s awesome they didn’t reset scores this time because diamonds will never refunded

Thinking of own self!!! Everyone now know who is that

Polaris is only a community manager, not a dev.

But yes, it was possible to score more points with the rule. Broken rules sometimes make for surprising results. And it was changed to a rule that directly comprehends big whales. We all do know why…

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