Arena changed


What happened to setting up a defense lineup


Included in the 1.8 patch notes was a change that allowed daily rewards to be given based on the highest rank you achieved in Arena and Colosseum. To prevent sandbagging in Arena, where 1 player would get 1st and then change a defense to a weakened defense to allow players to hop up at top. They changed the defenses to only allow 1 defense change per 20 hours.


Nice but will happen if someone sets wrong line by mistake? Omg he is scre…d


Wouldn’t that mean that the entire challenger bracket can just change defense to weak ones and help everyone get #1 for the day? There’s no point on holding on to #1 spot for the rest of the day anyway.


Indeed that is a byproduct of it. However most are not deterred by the one defense change a day rule as you can still attack and keep positioning that way. This has resulted in a revolving door for Challenger where players hit 1st and then change their defense to allow someone else positioning essentially allowing most every one in or around Challenger to get the highest rank rewards. This means the economy of diamonds and arena tokens has seen a massive influx thabks to this change. Time will tell if PB decide to act on this fact with more expensive diamond deals.


Server 9 and above, arena challenger that is not full(100 players) yet surely doing the one defense and enjoying the 500 token a day haha


So what if they take advantage of this to raise some prices if you catch my drift… This could be bad for the games future Imo.