Arena Cheating Possibility

And that’s the trick: if you look at the first picture you can’t beat this team quick! But per blue allows you to change disks without putting a cooldown from 24 hours. And when you look at the second picture that team can die in less then 3 seconds! Which is a big score difference! So guild mates use it to make more points for each other and screw everyone else in the division! I think that’s wrong and it should be removed!
So you change the disks, your guild mates hit you and get the maximum score and then you change again the disks and everyone else get the lower score!

That’s an exploit which this people are using for their own advantage and it’s again the TOS! It also ruins the fun of the game… so @Loutre @Nugget @Polaris please report this to the developers and remove it! Or soon the whole arena will be full with this team and everyone will use this trick…


People are always scumbags.

Wonder why everyone still cares about Challenger Arena or Coliseum though… They are sooooooo bad.


And still… this is just not right! And It should be stopped

Rewards: it’s the only place to get certain mod upgrades and certain hero chips without spending.

I agree, the system should be altered so that changing disks (or even mods) on the heroes triggers the lockout timer.

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Both too low to be credible.

I would call them good if I got at least enough for a +40 mod (aka 225 upgrade pieces of each kind) and 6* Audrey by the end of the first season.

I don´t. Thus it thoroughly sucks compared to Prize Wall (in terms of hero chips, as Sign-In Heroes are no more) and it thoroughly sucks compared to Invasion (in terms of upgrade pieces). Even Invasion sucks since it gives 1/3 of the “demanded” upgrade pieces weekly.

And deals… well 200 x 3 upgrade pieces aren´t really worth 50 bucks. And they are the most common out of the 9 presented.

lol so that’s the problem. when one day I can’t break through a team quickly, but the next I do a one-shot. well it needs a nerf

Maxx you are using that trick right now. Got a nerve to do it and then complain However you need to fix this @Loutre I’m this close to quitting arena coli was best modes now they are being abused and manipulated and you just appear to care. These changes a while back were the stupidest thing you have ever done!!!

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@Loutre be nice to get a response. I mean I’m.sick.of support. What support do they offer? 3 months of I will pass it on to the team. Yeah cheers elliot. I mean literally you are killing the game. It’s not fun it’s ridiculous. So when will you guys actually fix this? Never? Now? 3 months? I mean seriously!!!

It’s a Monday and we just started our work day 2hrs ago. You need to be patient. We check everything from the weekend first before and your first tag was from an hour ago.

You’ll get the same response from me as from support. We’ve let the team know.


This has been raised several times by me also in last 3 months & I kind of quit the game because of this rule.

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Support are not devs they cannot change Arena/Coliseum. All support is able to do in this case is let the devs know, which they have.

They have so many tickets and they cannot just keep a ticket open because you’d like a follow up on something that can take months. That is not how this works.

If you are rude about our support staff again I will be giving you a silence. Our support team works hard and does their job well. I absolutely do not appreciate the way you are speaking about my team.

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Wait takes 3 months to change are you mad? You changed this in 2 seconds on April yet cant change it back to how it was before. When you of you changed anything ot stayed changed for 24 hours? Please that’s just utterly ridiculous.

Other players are flagging your comments as you are being rude to staff. You have received a warning already so you will now receive a silence.

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I’ll be closing this thread, but again it has been passed to the dev team already and at this time that’s all I can share.

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