Arena/coli Issue

The rules of challenger are…….interesting

@Samm, trying to fix the problem of fighting the same team has created a problem in it of itself.

Instead of seeing the same TEAM, we are seeing a few heroes user individually (Mad Hatter, Anger, Sulley and Boo, and Kevin Flynn). In my opinion, Arena/coli should be reworked even more.

I have one idea that IS a little unfair, but it could be slightly reworked. I suggest having at least 30 heroes off-duty for each week in Arena/Coli. That way, we could see and fight some very interesting teams and the whole experience would be a little more interesting and fun.

I think I can speak for the entire forum when I say that Arena/coli are some of the best game modes out there. They would be so much more fun if changes were made. I hope you can consider making some changes @Samm

Forumers, comment what kind of changes you would like to see (if any).

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Forgot to add.

I understand that Perblue has worked a lot on this, but a little more work and it could be much better.

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No… some of us are still trying upgrade more heroes… it wouldn’t be nice to know that all the heroes you wanted to use are off duty so you can’t advance at all. it makes it less payable.


Rules for this new arena/coliseum are bass_ackwards. The stronger players are rewarded more points for having the stronger teams. You beat them with a weaker team and they beat you with a stronger team and they get more points.

Should have been reversed. The weaker team you use to win gives more points. That would have made it interesting.

I understand what they are trying to do…
Just sad that the theoretical implications are vastly different to the practical.

Lower power players who are able to defeat higher power players due to their skill and team comp, lose out on points - therefore being “good” is punished

Rather than power
It should probably be based on number of heroes in the enemy team…
But once again, the team playing the game is much different to the team making the rules



This is probably a reaction to the plethora of single Mad Hatter last season - now if you do that, you’re giving up 500 points instantly.

… As usual, it’s the quickest fix but clearly not the best.


Once again, this is just and idea to get the ball rolling

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A very bad suggestion, doesn’t help anything but make it more worse lol

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Perblue needs our money, they did this not to help the game become better, they did this to earn our cash to make our toons more power lol

Agree on that

The question is, why the true damage heroes does normal and fantastic damage instead of true damage this time? Hahahahahaha

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