Arena & Coliseum rewards

I believe I got these rewards twice today. What should I do? @polaris

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I believe you didn’t happy to get more rewards! So please, don’t collect them. Except you, we are all happy here for those rewards. Thanks to Perblue :slight_smile:


Shhh don’t tell them, let us have nice things together.


I’m happy but I’d be happier knowing I’m allowed to keep it. What would make me unhappy is having my game locked because I did something I wasn’t suppose to.


Why do people think this would happen.

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Same happened to me!

With so much crap that has been produced by developers lately, this is finally a positive effect for everyone.

And also for you, how about you, how about thinking around the corner…
If they would block every account that has accepted this and doesn’t say anything, then 90% of the active players would be gone.

A typical Lisa Simpson Syndrom. …

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I guess it’s fair to assume an individual player doesn’t know if this is a general thing or a glitch only on their account. I understand why he was anxiois, I was slightly anxious as well

How am I suppose to know they sent that to everyone? And double checking to make sure it’s right to keep it is not wrong. Being dishonest is wrong. I don’t care how many people complain I’ll still report it if I get something I’m not supposed to. I do it in real life when cashier gives me too much change and I’ll do it in games too.

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Well you have your guild, you could ask them. You have global, vip, you can ask them. Many questions answers on the forums can be answered in those chats typically

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I appreciate the honesty haha but it’s also already been mentioned multiple times on forums.

Just that.

We’ve fixed the issue with the duplicate rewards for Arena and Coliseum. You did the right thing reporting it. We won’t be removing the extra, so feel free to collect it and spend!

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Thank you for answering and thank you for letting us keep it :slight_smile:

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