Arena Division 1 Server 1

Is this really gonna make the game fun knowing that almost every team is the same or very similar

Either two or three heroes that are immune to disables is used here and makes it hard to get hardly any freeze points… the cherry on top is the garbage Hex at the start which makes freeze heroes like Koslov and Frozone useless at the start sometimes even getting infinite freeze from the enemy Koslov because the team has Hatter maxed red skill making the team immune to Hex…

So @Loutre I hope the team knows that the ones with a maxed Hatter red skill will probably win this season in server 1 at least… it’s rather boring that I can’t get hardly any points, just keep getting infinite freeze, get invisible Darkwing visible reflect Darkwing spam, Hexes for my team making Freeze pretty much useless, and probably other stuff I can’t think of right now :triumph:


Similar story in s21 also

Stop being so silly… this is called a thing which was here all along… strategy.

And this is just stupid to call it out… it takes WAY TOO long time and a lot of dedication to max a red skill, this is how it should rewarding players. And this isn’t some kind of black magic, it’s in plain text, been here for a year.

Tbh I don’t see any strategy in it… or very minuscule amount if there is any :thinking: Just people copying others and that in my opinion makes the game boring as there’s no creativity in the team… I feel if people put some effort into creating a team then the fights would be more fun to fight than just fighting the exact same team or very similar team over and over again… yes I have Hatter and Flynn on the team like a lot do but I at least put some creative effort in it to make it more enjoyable of a fight than just fighting the same team as a lot of others have done

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL nope, that is not strategy.

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